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After three decades spent trying to find justice for his daughter’s rape and murder in 1982, Frenchman Andre Bamberski found the man he says did it, kidnapped him in Germany, and placed him in the hands of police in France.

Andre Bamberski has spent almost 30 years living with the knowledge that his daughter wasn’t just hurt. She was sexually abused and killed. And no one has ever had to pay for the crime due to a lack of interest in Germany and a lack of backbone in France.

Dieter Krombach was married to Bamberski’s ex-wife, and hence the stepfather to his 14-year-old daughter Kalinka. French police say the German doctor raped and then killed his daughter at his home in Germany.

But Krombach has resisted French officials’ requests that he come into their country for questioning for the past 29 years. The German government, claiming there isn’t sufficient evidence to suggest he played a role in the girl’s death, has likewise refused to extradite him.

Bamberski’s tried legal channels, and felt like he was failing to live up to his duty as a dad. So he took the illegal route.   At 72 He became a criminal for his daughter’s sake, he’s now an old man who will have to face charges for sneaking the doctor across the border.

I suppose he could have just killed the Doctor and then seen if France would extradite him to Germany………

NYPD Cops fixing tickets is news?

Last fall, the NYPD — which has about 35,000 officers — installed new computer system that tracks tickets and makes it much more difficult to tamper with the paper trail. And since cops with a high IQ can be excluded from the force no one was able to push the right buttons on the computer to cover their tracks, so they got caught.

Additionally Commissioner Raymond Kelly recently formed a new unit within internal affairs to look into ticket fixing. Its officers sit in on traffic court testimony and comb through paperwork to ensure none of the methods is being wrongly employed.

The last serious corruption to actually be brought to light at NYPD was the so-called “Dirty 30” case from the early 1990s. More than 33 officers from Harlem’s 30th Precinct were implicated in the probe, with most pleading guilty to charges including stealing cash from drug dealers, taking bribes, beating suspects and lying under oath to cover their tracks. If anyone beleves that the entire force of 35k officers has been clean for the last 20 years I have some land off the coast of FLA to sell them….

Unlike when you or I get persecuted by the bullies in blue “the people” declined to detail the charges or name the officers. The Bronx district attorney’s office declined to comment Thursday, as did Paul Browne, chief spokesman for the New York Police Department, and union officials about this obvious ass covering favor granting practice.

The charges are against 13 police officers, two sergeants and one lieutenant are the latest in a spate of corruption allegations against NYPD officers. They include delegates with the department’s largest and most powerful union, the Patrolmen’s Benevolent Association.

Can anyone say slap on the wrist?

On top of this earlier this week, federal prosecutors in Manhattan brought conspiracy and other charges against five current and three former officers alleging they were part of a gun-running ring. Adn we try to portray the Afgan cops as buffons when theyy do the same thing…

In other recent federal cases, one officer was charged with arresting a black man without cause and using a racial slur to describe the suspect.

And woe and behold some cop does know how to use the computer and was caught  using a law enforcement database to try to trump up charges against an innocent man.

As the ticket-fixing investigation unfolded, union officials complained that the probe unfairly singled out officers for an unofficial practice — undoing paperwork on traffic citations before they reach court — that has been tolerated for years.

Can you beleve this!  It is like the pope saying “Oh well we have been fucking the little kids for centuries so what’s the problem?”

He officer I speed every day so what is the problem with today?  Hey It’s a unofficial practice of the public!

But according to atrick Lynch, president of the Patrolmen’s Benevolent Association:

“This issue could have and should have been addressed differently”

The case evolved from a 2009 internal affairs probe of a Bronx officer suspected of associating with a drug dealer, officials said. While listening to the officer’s phone, investigators heard calls from people seeing if he could fix tickets for them, they said.

That led to more wiretaps that produced evidence of additional officers having similar conversations. An unrelated drunken driving case in the Bronx provided a window into the secret probe when prosecutors were forced to disclose to the defense that the arresting officer was among those recorded talking about ticket fixing.

According to a transcript of the tape, a union delegate tells an officer, “I’ll get this taken care of” by having a ticket issued to a girlfriend of the officer’s cousin pulled the next day.

Aside from those officers charged criminally, dozens more could face internal charges. In one disciplinary case already decided earlier this year, a former Patrolmen’s Benevolent Association financial secretary in the Bronx admitted administrative misconduct charges and was docked 40 days of vacation and suspended for five days.

Oh you can bet these cops are going to be pouting and whining and trumping up fake charges even more on the sheeple in the public.

NASA satellites were interfered with four separate times in 2007 and 2008, possibly by the Chinese military, yet China has repeatedly denied any state involvement in cyberattacks against government agencies and firms, including well-publicized attacks on Internet giant Google that sparked a row between Washington and Beijing.

The Landsat-7 satilite experienced 12 or more minutes of “interference” on July 23, 2008 and on June 20, 2008, Terra EOS AM-1, a NASA-managed program for earth observation, experienced two or more minutes of “interference”

According the the official draft report  “interference” with Terra EOS AM-1 “achieved all steps required to command the satellite but did not issue commands.”

Four months later October 22, 2008, Terra EOS AM-1 experienced nine more minutes of interference, the report said, and “the responsible party” again “achieved all steps required to command the satellite but did not issue commands.”

The hackers appear to have exploited the information systems of the Svalbard Satellite Station (SvalSat), a commercially operated satellite ground station in Spitsbergen, Norway, to gain access to the satellites, according to the report to be submitted to Congress on November 16

“Such interference poses numerous potential threats, particularly if achieved against satellites with more sensitive functions,” the report said.

“For example, access to a satellite’s controls could allow an attacker to damage or destroy the satellite,” the commission said.

“The attacker could also deny or degrade as well as forge or otherwise manipulate the satellite’s transmission,” it said. “A high level of access could reveal the satellite’s capabilities or information, such as imagery, gained through its sensors.”

The report stressed that ” the techniques appear consistent with authoritative Chinese military writings.”

“Authoritative Chinese military writings advocate for such activities, particularly as they relate to ground-based space infrastructure, such as satellite control facilities,” the report said.

The draft report also accused China of being behind a “range of malicious cyber activities” including state-level involvement in cyberattacks, industrial espionage and the compromise of US and foreign government computer systems.

“In 2011, US and foreign government organizations, defense contractors, commercial entities, and various nongovernmental organizations experienced a substantial volume of network intrusions and attempts with various ties to China,” the report also said.

What with Obama and Hilllary willing to do anything to kiss the Chinese Goverments ass so they will continue to buy treasure bonds the Chinese Govt.  now knows it owns our ass and can do as it pleases.

When the shit hits the fan it is going to be epic.  We go after Iraq with some made up bullshit about weapons of mass destruction and with better intel and real incidents we just let the Chinese bend us over.

Stock up NOW!

FEMA test of emergency system on NOV 9th 2011

Asteroid 2005 YU55 to Approach Earth on November 8, 2011.


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Honoring licenses from other states is a fundamental construct of the US.  Today we now see the first Mexican licensee truck driver barreling through our highways with deadly cargo and in control of a equally deadly machine but from state to state we are still bickering about honoring the licensees of one another.

Currently each must recognize the legal marriage of a 14 year old girl to a grown man that was legal in their home state. Currently each state must recognize the drivers license of incompetent drivers from other states and the licensing laws or lack thereof of the other state.  But each state may restrict the second amendment rights of visitors as they see fit.

Hopefully this ends with HR 822 now in the house of representatives.  HR822 would have each state honor the issuance of conceal carry permits from other states.  Most now do anyway.  The augment that more guns equals more crime has been turned on it’s ear and it is now proven that more guns equals less crime to the extent that no legitimate scholar on the subject argues otherwise.

In reporting on Lott’s original analysis The Chronicle of Higher Education has said that although his findings are controversial “Mr. Lott’s research has convinced his peers of at least one point: No scholars now claim that legalizing concealed weapons causes a major increase in crime.”[87] (Wikipedia)

None-the-less the sky-is-falling naysayers are pouring drivel into the main stream media based on their ignorance of the effect that concealed carry has on crime and their ignorance of the Constitution of the United States of America in an attempt to scare equally ignorant sheeple.

But from many incidences of personal experience between Arizona where anyone can carry a gun and California where almost no one gets to I can tell you that there is NO ROAD RAGE IN ARIZONA and one hell of a lot of road rage in California.

Yes people are fucking polite in Arizona.  Go figure.

If you want to see people start being polite in your town support HR822

Below is one of these naysayers in the Huff and Puff post Baloney Maloney.

Carolyn Maloney: High Noon in the House.

More importantly here is the facts on current concealed carry

Naomi Wolf is arrested

Low IQ cops arrest peaceful woman in evening gown

Low IQ cops arrest peaceful Naomi Wolf in evening gown. Yes you live in a police state. "Congress shall make no law"

Naomi Wolf is arrested during the Occupy Wall Street protest in New York. Photograph: Mike Shane
From the Guridian article written by Naomi Wolf
Last night I was arrested in my home town, outside an event to which I had been invited, for standing lawfully on the sidewalk in an evening gown.

Let me explain; my partner and I were attending an event for the Huffington Post, for which I often write: Game Changers 2011, in a venue space on Hudson Street. As we entered the space, we saw that about 200 Occupy Wall Street protesters were peacefully assembled and were chanting. They wanted to address Governor Andrew Cuomo, who was going to be arriving at the event. They were using a technique that has become known as “the human mic” – by which the crowd laboriously repeats every word the speaker says – since they had been told that using real megaphones was illegal.

In my book Give Me Liberty, a blueprint for how to open up a closing civil society, I have a chapter on permits – which is a crucial subject to understand for anyone involved in protest in the US. In 70s America, protest used to be very effective, but in subsequent decades municipalities have sneakily created a web of “overpermiticisation” – requirements that were designed to stifle freedom of assembly and the right to petition government for redress of grievances, both of which are part of our first amendment. One of these made-up permit requirements, which are not transparent or accountable, is the megaphone restriction.

So I informed the group on Hudson Street that they had a first amendment right to use a megaphone and that the National Lawyers’ Guild should appeal the issue if they got arrested. And I repeated the words of the first amendment, which the crowd repeated.

Then my partner suggested that I ask the group for their list of demands. Since we would be inside, we thought it would be helpful to take their list into the event and if I had a chance to talk with the governor I could pass the list on. That is how a democracy works, right? The people have the right to address their representatives.

We went inside, chatted with our friends, but needed to leave before the governor had arrived. I decided I would present their list to his office in the morning and write about the response. On our exit, I saw that the protesters had been cordoned off by a now-massive phalanx of NYPD cops and pinned against the far side of the street – far away from the event they sought to address.

I went up and asked them why. They replied that they had been informed that the Huffington Post event had a permit that forbade them to use the sidewalk. I knew from my investigative reporting on NYC permits that this was impossible: a private entity cannot lease the public sidewalks; even film crews must allow pedestrian traffic. I asked the police for clarification – no response.

I went over to the sidewalk at issue and identified myself as a NYC citizen and a reporter, and asked to see the permit in question or to locate the source on the police or event side that claimed it forbade citizen access to a public sidewalk. Finally a tall man, who seemed to be with the event, confessed that while it did have a permit, the permit did allow for protest so long as we did not block pedestrian passage.

I thanked him, returned to the protesters, and said: “The permit allows us to walk on the other side of the street if we don’t block access. I am now going to walk on the public sidewalk and not block it. It is legal to do so. Please join me if you wish.” My partner and I then returned to the event-side sidewalk and began to walk peacefully arm in arm, while about 30 or 40 people walked with us in single file, not blocking access.

Then a phalanx of perhaps 40 white-shirted senior officers descended out of seemingly nowhere and, with a megaphone (which was supposedly illegal for citizens to use), one said: “You are unlawfully creating a disruption. You are ordered to disperse.” I approached him peacefully, slowly, gently and respectfully and said: “I am confused. I was told that the permit in question allows us to walk if we don’t block pedestrian access and as you see we are complying with the permit.”
YouTube footage of Naomi Wolf being arrested

He gave me a look of pure hate. “Are you going to back down?” he shouted. I stood, immobilised, for a moment. “Are you getting out of my way?” I did not even make a conscious decision not to “fall back” – I simply couldn’t even will myself to do so, because I knew that he was not giving a lawful order and that if I stepped aside it would be not because of the law, which I was following, but as a capitulation to sheer force. In that moment’s hesitation, he said, “OK,” gestured, and my partner and I were surrounded by about 20 officers who pulled our hands behind our backs and cuffed us with plastic handcuffs.

We were taken in a van to the seventh precinct – the scary part about that is that the protesters and lawyers marched to the first precinct, which handles Hudson Street, but in the van the police got the message to avoid them by rerouting me. I understood later that the protesters were lied to about our whereabouts, which seemed to me to be a trickle-down of the Bush-era detention practice of unaccountable detentions.

The officers who had us in custody were very courteous, and several expressed sympathy for the movements’ aims. Nonetheless, my partner and I had our possessions taken from us, our ID copied, and we were placed in separate cells for about half an hour. It was clear that by then the police knew there was scrutiny of this arrest so they handled us with great courtesy, but my phone was taken and for half an hour I was in a faeces- or blood-smeared cell, thinking at that moment the only thing that separates civil societies from barbaric states is the rule of law – that finds the prisoner, and holds the arresting officers and courts accountable.

Another scary outcome I discovered is that, when the protesters marched to the first precinct, the whole of Erickson Street was cordoned off – “frozen” they were told, “by Homeland Security”. Obviously if DHS now has powers to simply take over a New York City street because of an arrest for peaceable conduct by a middle-aged writer in an evening gown, we have entered a stage of the closing of America, which is a serious departure from our days as a free republic in which municipalities are governed by police forces.

The police are now telling my supporters that the permit in question gave the event managers “control of the sidewalks”. I have asked to see the permit but still haven’t been provided with it – if such a category now exists, I have never heard of it; that, too, is a serious blow to an open civil society. What did I take away? Just that, unfortunately, my partner and I became exhibit A in a process that I have been warning Americans about since 2007: first they come for the “other” – the “terrorist”, the brown person, the Muslim, the outsider; then they come for you – while you are standing on a sidewalk in evening dress, obeying the law.

The only chance we have before the Money Masters completely take over.

Black THIS Out Money Bomb for Ron Paul! October 19th, 2011.

Just do it

Obama and the federal govt asking 14 year olds "Spit or Swallow?"

Obama’s “Safe Schools Czar” gave schoolchildren advice on extreme sex practices

According to a report on Andrew Breitbart’s President Obama’s “Safe Schools Czar”, Kevin Jennings, apparently has some very extreme ideas on what it means to keep our children safe. Jennings, who is also the founder of the Gay, Lesbian, and Straight Education Network (GLSEN), was the keynote speaker at the 2000 GLSEN Conference.

The conference, held at Tufts University in Boston, was fully supported by the Massachusetts Department of Education, the Safe Schools Program, the Governor’s Commission on Gay and Lesbian Youth. Some of the presenters at the conference received federal money. During the conference, workshop leaders led a “youth only, ages 14-21″ session that offered lessons in “fisting”, watersports, and other sexual activities. During the same workshop an activist asked 14 year-old students, “Spit or swallow?… Is it rude?” The audio clip is posted here. It will astonish you.

Luckily undercover journalists with Mass Resistance recorded the sessions at Tufts University. The audio was later leaked to a local radio station. The release of the audio created  an incredible backlash that forced GLSEN leaders to apologize.

In spite of the controversy created by the conference, Barack Obama’s “Safe Schools Czar” Kevin Jennings and his GLSEN organization were back up to their old tricks at the follwing year’s conference. At the 2001 conference activists handed out “fisting kits” to the children and teachers who attended the GLSEN conference.

fisting kit handed out at planned parenthood table

Fisting / dental dam Kit for children

It didn’t stop there. The children who attended Jennnings’ 2005 GLSEN Conference also left with their own “Little Black Book – Queer in the 21st Century”.

Little Black Book How to be Queer in the 21st Century

This book exposes teens as young as 14 years old to “rimming”, “fisting”, “watersports”, and adult toys. Without prior parental approval. These seem to me to be subjects that should be left to parents to approach with their children.

Russia and China claiming the moon?

The US has Flags on it but the US is a has-bin bickering over climate, mortgage fraud, desperate housewives, and sports scores.

The US has no plan or aspirations to go and get the H3 that could provide free energy for the next million years that is just right there on the moon.

How is that hope working out for you Obama voters?

Russia Wants to colonize the moon

Does China Want To Own The Moon? : Discovery News.

These people need to be locked up or put on leper colonies ASAP! what if one of these hoes bumps into me or I shake hands with one in a lobby somewhere?  BOOM! I get HSV-2 all over my body?

48% of Black Americian women have herpes crotch critters?

16% of White American women have it?

No wonder the brothers are hitting on the white meat.

What a hell of a marketing campaign this has kicked off:

“Protection that a woman can control is the holy grail in this field. It’s hard for me to believe that something that protects against both H.I.V. and herpes wouldn’t be appealing to a lot of young American women.” An executive at Gilead, the company that makes tenofovir, the anti-AIDS drug that is the gel’s active ingredient, said the company was debating whether to spend the millions of dollars needed to get the gel approved for the American market.

(I guess that the female condom just did not allow enough friction from the sticktion…) but it’s ok for the guys to have a lack of stimulation during the copulation. SP

Does this mean I can get herpes from a handjob?

Gel Cuts Herpes Risk in Women, Study Finds –

Global Cooling challanged by sophmores?

Students? at Berkley? reported in the Guardian?  Still harping that the planet is going to die if we all don’t kill ourselves.  PaaaLEEEASE! the debate IS over; Global warming is a cult.

We are keeping track of you Warmist fools so we can spot you in interviews later.

Now don’t get me wrong!  I want the global warming folks to be right about the planet getting warmer.  A warmer planet grows more food! A colder planet is drier and grows less food! Additinally if MAN could make it happen we should be making it happen!  But no such luck!  We can no more control the weather or the climate than the output of the sun.  Oh Shit! It’s the Sun is it not?

Drivel can be read here: Global warming study finds no grounds for climate sceptics’ concerns | Environment | The Guardian.

The implied misinformation/lie in the Associate Press article, “Yet there is no clear evidence that multivitamins lower the risk of cancer” leaves the average person with the idea that no vitamins lower the risk for cancer.  But that is an error of omission that is not clarified along with the “no government agency recommends them “regardless of the quality of a person’s diet”  from this MSM hack.

Marilynn must be hurting for name recognition with over the top grandstanding article titles and quasi information.

To see what I am ranting about today read this drivel…

Worried About Vitamin Safety? Experts Offer Advice – ABC News.

At least in the equally grandstanding article in FOX “Are Your Supplements Killing You?” Dr. Robert Tozzi brings up that we have known that SUPPLEMENTAL IRON is not good for most people and that we have known that for years.  That is why Iron has been taken out of foods and multivitamins a long time ago.

SO; One must ask why is this such big news with so much coverage in the MSM (Main Stream Media)? Well the MSM is owned by the same oligopoly that owns and controls the pharm companies and they all want the codex alimentarius to be enacted as law worldwide.  Oh sorry, you have not heard of the codex alimentarius?  It is the NWO’s way to deprive the average man and woman from the life saving materials that are now available over the counter to them.  You see the average man or woman is too stupid to know how much vitamin C to take or if they should take it at all.  So the Nanny State will just keep them from having access to it.  but for this to become law first the average sports/soap/sitcom watching stooge must be convinced that access to vitamins and minerals is a bad thing for them and they need to let the state take over.

AS ALWAYS; try to figure out why the MSM is feeding some specific information.  Please READ the actual studies and EDUCATE yourself!

ADHD Stimulant Free Treatments

The below content is completely stolen from HERE

It is well known that ADHD diagnoses and substance abuse problems are closely associated. It is estimated that substance abuse problems including dependence are up to twice as common among individuals with ADHD, which is not surprising given the impulsivity factor involved in ADHD. The problem is that until recently, most medications for ADHD have belonged to the stimulant category and as many, including us, have written before it is probably not the best idea ever to give drugs that have a relatively large abuse probability to people who are relatively likely to develop substance abuse problems. Right?

We’ve already written about atomoxetine and bupropion, two drugs with relatively low abuse potential (since patients don’t actually feel “high” from them) that are being successfully used in treating ADHD. But there is little doubt that the type of effect seen among patients who are using stimulants (like adderall, ritalin, etc.) isn’t being observed among patients taking non-stimulant medications. All of this means that patients on non-stimulants are getting less bang but with less risk. A dopamine agonist by the name of amantadine might change all of that according to a recent study.

Amantadine versus stimulants for ADHD treatment

Fourty children between the ages of 6 and 14 were enrolled in the study conducted in a psychiatric hospital in Iran. The kids were randomized into two groups a methylphenidate (ritalin) and amantadine group. Over a six week period the kids were assessed four times – at intake and then every two weeks -using an instrument that parents and teachers (who didn’t know what medication the kids were getting) would use to rate the child’s behavior on the 18 ADHD symptoms listed in the DSM-IV.

Amantadine vs. Stimulant

The final findings were very encouraging (see picture): The kids in both conditions improved greatly over the 6 weeks of the study and no difference was found between the two medications. the children in the amantadine condition actually suffered less side effects and significantly so when looking at side effects common to stimulant medication such as decrease in appetite and restlessness. While more studies are obviously needed, this randomized trial shows that amantadine is not only safe, but it may be safer than at least some stimulant medications while also providing the same effect on ADHD symptoms. Given that approximately 30% of patients don’t respond well to stimulants and that some families are afraid of giving stimulant medications to their children, at least partially because of the risk of substance abuse issues, non-stimulant medications can be an attractive alternative, and it seems like amantadine can deliver.

Final thoughts from Dr. Jaffe on ADHD medications and amantadine

One of the main reservations I have about the notion of using this medication for ADHD is that NMDA receptors are very important in learning, so it may be that we’re helping to resolve attention problems but making it more difficult to actually create memories that are crucial for learning. More research is necessary to see if these decreases in impulsivity are accompannied by improvements, and not reductions, in learning ability.

So, if you’re considering medicating a child who has been diagnosed with ADHD, I strongly support the notion given the difference that medication has made in my own life. However, I urge you to be educated and to consider non-stimulant options, especially as more are researched and as that treatment option becomes more available, less costly, and less likely to lead to abuse of the drug. With prescription drug abuse one of the fastest growing problems in the U.S., being careful is just sound advice.


Mohammad-Reza Mohammadi, Mohammad-Reza Kazemi, Ebtehal Zia, Shams-Ali Rezazadeh, Mina Tabrizi, Shahin Akhondzadeh (2010) Amantadine versus methylphenidate in children and adolescents with attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder: a randomized, double-blind trial. Human Psychopharmacology.

And drives her to rob the house next door that she used to baby sit at by crawling through the doggy door.

fit through doggy door so can nt be too fat!

She will be getting many marriage proposals!

Anyone can see that Amanda Rose Owens has potential.

For those of you that can’t see that      just look below…..

My best guess at what Amanda will look like after the blemishes clear up (Birth control pills work great Amanda)

Amanda crawled through her neighbors doggy door to steal and pawn some items to pay for her addiction to adult DVD’s.

Hell if she is small enough to fit through a doggy door  once that acne clears up she is going to be one hell of a catch.

Now any competent doctor should be able to see that the hormones are out of control in this poor girl.  Let’s get her on some BC pills and help her handle those huge bursts of estrogen, progesterone and testosterone.

Now I have that Boston song Amanda in my head….

The blogsphere is full of posts about Amanda.  This ONE not being so nice.

The really strange part is that she was the babysitter for Darin Paul Pake (44) kids whose house she crawled into.

Now what 44 year old would not want to bang his kids babysitter now that she is 18?

She was probably fantasizing about him!

The DA’s of this country often bring children to trial as adults. In this case It may be prudent the other way around.  Just think of the scenario… She finally turns 18 and either sees or buys a porn flick out of curiosity.  What she sees is like nothing else she has ever seen.  It is imprinted on her mind like a car wreak that was witnessed.  Her hormones and mind will not allow her to let go of it.  The Oxytocin rush she feels from self gratification while watching these further focuses her mental, emotional, and physical being on getting more porn.

Who knows the details and circumstances of something like this.  I guess if it was my house and a babysitter I had known and she was otherwise a decent person I would be inclined to drop the charges or ask the DA to only charge her with a much more minor crime.

Ah but back to the other article that this entry is referencing.  But with femi-nazis like writings from Dr. Yvonne K. Fulbright advising women to look into their husbands computers and habits because they might be addicted to porn this Teen’s actions are ironic. Fulbright vilifies men while apparently choosing to ignore the emotional porn in romance novels that all women are addicted to while continuing to vilify good men that are supporting their lazy wives.  Typical.

Fulbright goes on to say that looking at a picture of a woman on the internet is equivalent to adultery.

Other whizzers from Fulbright include

…using porn, at least beyond a magazine like Playboy, is the equivalent of having an actual affair….

(He must be using Porn)sp if …Your partner is having trouble becoming sexually aroused…

…He has developed a strong interest in sexual practices that seem a little out of left field…

…You’re feeling pressured to engage in sexual activities…

…has his own credit card, and/or has an unknown cell phone account…

…changing his bedtime ritual…

…if you’re noticing patterns or a collection of the aforementioned, your partner likely has some major explaining to do….

Men are bad. Women are good and innocent.

These three articles in the news at the same time is almost comical:

Illegals in Alabama rush to make plans for kids.

Brown signs California Dream Act
The law grants illegal immigrants access to state aid at public universities and colleges.

On immigration, Rick Perry takes heat for Texas DREAM Act

Yep while AL tells them to get the hell out CA and TX push out their own kids from collage.  WHAT!  You don’t realize that those illegal immigrant parents do not file a 1040 like the rest of us.  You don’t realize that that will give their kids a full ride on the taxpayers back since there is no documented income?

That is what the mainstream media is not telling you….

Utah has quietly been moving back to the gold standard with a law passed earlier this year allowing gold and silver coin as legal tender.

I wonder if this means that you can pay your taxes in gold in Utah?

You can read more after the jump:

The Midas touch? Utah Monetary Summit and the gold standard | Deseret News.

Yup that is what the Huff post sex pundit had to say today.  In a carefully worded essay she tries to convince the readers that communicating will make your marriage and sex life better.


People do not change.

Sure ….  just tell your significant other a couple of nice things then spring on them what you are now into.  That may work for women talking to their guys but not for guys talking to their women.


Women have spent their entire lives practicing saying NO! to guys regardless of their relationship with them.

Face it Sparky you cannot engender affection, understanding or empathy in someone else if it is not there in the first place.  I know of no woman that does not hold her husband in contempt. That contempt is most alive in the bedroom.

Firmly in the mind of all wives is the thought “Do exactly what I want and don’t try anything you saw looking at porn on the internet.”

Or the more common reality:

No I have cramps tonight…

When earlier that day they ran through a pack of batteries and started a new case of tennis elbow and carpal tunnel syndrome making their womanhood so raw that if anyone touched it she would scream in pain.

They all have a new spokesperson in Whitney “I don’t need to learn any sex tricks I HAVE A VAGINA!” Cummings. She as a professional knows that it would not be funny if it was not true.

The concept of requited affection is what is missing in most relationships.  Even in this huff blather this woman advisers asking for what you want…. Never mind what her partner wants.  She sounds like a typical woman that thinks that as long as the man ejaculates he has had the best time of his life.  Seamen has appeared.  No further effort should be put into the act.

Tammy Nelson, Ph.D.: Sex: The Honeymoon and Beyond: Advice From a Sex Therapist.

After body parts and hair found in the US and photos like the one below scientists from the US and Russia are gathering to have a honest discussion about this shy creature.

Could this unauthenticated 2007 photo taken in Pennsylvania prove the Yeti’s existence?

Large footprints in the snow have long fueled speculation that a mysterious beast lives in the icy wastelands of East Asia. Now a team of experts is gathering in a remote Russian town to examine the alleged existence of the creature known as the Yeti, promising “surprising findings.”

Do Yetis really exist? A number of people are convinced they do. And this week, tales of a seldom-seen humanoid wandering the remote regions of the earth will be the focus of an international conference in the central Siberian town of Tashtagol.

Experts from seven countries will gather in Siberia’s Kemerovo province some 3,200 kilometers (1,988 miles) east of Moscow from Oct. 6 – 8 to address the possible existence of the fabled creature. They hope to determine whether the Yeti, also known as the Abominable Snowman, has truly managed to elude curious explorers for centuries, as some speculate, or if the shy being is merely a myth.

Representatives from Russia, the US, China and four other countries plan to share evidence and analyze the infamous creature’s biology and living habits.

‘Surprising Findings’ in Store

Although experts are hard-pressed to provide indisputable evidence of the Yeti’s existence, the international delegation does intend to present “surprising findings, unique photographs and audio recordings” at the meeting, a spokesperson for the Kemerowo region said.

Tracks in the Snow: Experts Gather For Siberian Yeti Conference – SPIEGEL ONLINE – News – International.

Tobacco and alcohol have long been the main causes of these tumors, which occur in the tonsils, base of the tongue and upper throat. But over the past few years, studies have shown HPV is playing a role in that rise, probably due to an increase in oral sex even as tobacco use was dropping.The new study took a closer look, tracking HPV over time by directly testing tumor tissue from 271 patients that had been stored in cancer registries in Hawaii, Iowa and Los Angeles. The proportion that were HPV-positive rose from just 16 percent in the late 1980s to nearly 73 percent by the early 2000s.Oral cancer has always been a bigger threat to men than women. Gillison says women account for only about 1 in 4 cases, and their incidence is holding steady while men’s is rising. That raises questions about gender differences in sexual behavior or whether oral HPV infection is likely to linger longer in men.

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