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What’s wrong with the sun?

And there we have it.  Significant admission that there will be a cooling cycle from decades to possibly longer.

What’s wrong with the sun? – space – 14 June 2010 – New Scientist.

I know the pundit has been spouting off about the Global Cooling that is coming for some time but here we are with wham bam multiple stories backing away from ” man made climate change”.

Just look at how Jupiter pulls on the suns magnetic fields and changes the temperature of earth……

And the back peddling continues… “even when taking into account global warming”  It is called GLOBAL COOLING you fools.  Look at the climate record vs. the solar cycle.

Ebbing sunspot activity makes Europe freeze : Nature News.

Al Gore is a bad snake oil salesman….

Heavy Drinkers Outlive Nondrinkers?

In the paper Alcoholism: Clinical and Experimental Research there is a increase in death rate from 60% for heavy drinkers (>3 /day) to 69% for non drinkers during the study period.  Hmmm.

From “Late-Life Alcohol Consumption and 20-Year Mortality”
Charles J. Holahan, Kathleen K. Schutte, Penny L. Brennan, Carole K. Holahan, Bernice S. Moos, Rudolf H. Moos
Alcoholism: Clinical and Experimental Research Article first published online: 24 AUG 2010
DOI: 10.1111/j.1530-0277.2010.01286.x

Check it out HERE

Global COOLING news from the front lines

The InterAcademy Council, an independent group of scientists representing agencies from around the world, presented the findings of its five-month investigation Monday morning at the United Nations. The group took issue with the structure, methods and leadership of the U.N.’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC)

The Global Warming consiperacy is now trying to cover it’s ass.  THEY KNOW GLOBAL COOLING IN HERE

The quote below is just the best but there are other quotes of interest in the article.

“We found in the summary for policymakers that there were two kinds of errors that came up — one is the kind where they place high confidence in something where there is very little evidence. The other is the kind where you make a statement … with no substantive value, in our judgment.”

The best part is that the UN enlisted the IAC’s help on this.  Probably thought they would tow the line.

via – Independent Audit Panel Slams U.N.’s Climate Group.

Ok just watch the damm video on the link.

I like the comment by the brit “shotgunhero” in the comments that we all just stand around.  Some day….  Some day….. you pussies will not just stand around and watch a woman get raped, or a disabled senior citizen get crushed….  well at least in my fantasies.

YouTube – LaRouche supporter assaulted by Alaska State Fair Security.

No I don’t give a damm about private / public. I care about FAT PIGS crushing someone when it is not necessary.  Those FAT PIGS were not cops.

Ohhh so what would I have done?

I think this would have been an excellent opportunity to make a citizens arrest of the FAT PIGS crushing a man.  (That is why I carry a stun gun)  If the Cop that flashed some mail order badge wanted to arrest me for interfering with two NON-COPS abusing a man that would have made for Great courtroom conversation.

Are 62 Million Homes Foreclosure-Proof?

Is Yours? Well of course it is if you own it outright.  And you may just own it outright and not know it yet.  If the chain of title is not handled correctly that “Trust Deed” that says that you get possession until you pay such and such company xx dollars may not say the right things and when that original bank resold your loan through MERS (Mortgage Electronic Registration System) where the banks sold title they did not have legal rights to and thus lost the right to ANY claim on the property.  NO SHIT. How about that to kick start the economy. No more payments for 62,000,000 mortgage payers.  The banks got greedy, then they got sloppy, and now they are going to pay for it.

the GREAT author of “The Web of Debt” has looked into this and wrote up the details in the following article.  Look into the links at the end of the article for her site as well as public banking.  Read the available chapters on the book site. Then get the book and read it.

The Legal Problem of MERS and Mortgages: Could 62 Million Homes Be Foreclosure-Proof?

Do Spouses Grow Alike as Time Passes?

Only in aggression… That’s right if your wife is a bitch you are going to become a dick and no one will like you.

Do Spouses Grow Alike as Time Passes?.

Wait just a f in minute.  The Federal Reserve Bank of the United States is the largest privately owned company in the US.  Not Cargill.

The worst part is that Jane Mayer damm well knows that fact but her editors at the New Yorker are likely in the Bilderbergers  back pocket.. Or should we say the Bilderbergers  are in the editors only back pocket….

The billionaire Koch brothers’ war against Obama : The New Yorker.

Back-Scatter X-Ray.  Just remember that.  It shoots a beam of X-Rays at everything it passes and detects what bounces back.

Oh now “they” say that there is no health risk.  Right. Same story with the first atomic blasts, pesticides, radar, … oh hell the list just goes on and on.

Privacy is what people are concerned about?  How about you shoot a beam of X-Rays at me and I can shoot a beam back at you…. ?

This Van can drive by your house and instantly X-Ray the entire contents.  so what is that thing hidden under your bed?

Full-Body Scan Technology Deployed In Street-Roving Vans – Andy Greenberg – The Firewall – Forbes.

U.S. government poisoned US citizens

The little-told story of how the U.S. government poisoned alcohol during Prohibition. – By Deborah Blum – Slate Magazine.

Most people may remember the paraquat spraying of Marijuana in the 70’s but almost nobody remembers the poisoning of whiskey in the 20’s.

The “Leaders” in the United States Federal government have and continue to kill it’s citizens with impunity because those citizens are way to wimpy to simply take out any “leader” that is caught doing so.

This is just another good chance to bring up several other insistences of citizen murder for the purposes of the Federal government

USS Liberty


Nuclear Testing on US soil

Death of the MBA

Like all things the death of a institution, trend, fad, or practice is always marked not by it’s downfall but by it’s apogee.

The 90’s marked the apogee of the MBA and it has taken more than ten years for anyone to notice that being taught to be a bureaucrat is counterproductive to progress.

Actually the book Managers not MBA’s featured this deficiency quite well but who the hell has actually read that book besides the supreme pundit?

The End of Management –

Using something more sophisticitated than a ruler geologists are now able to see a better pattern in the earthquake activity.

Scientists now estimate that earthquakes occurred on that section of the fault in 1417, 1462, 1565, 1614 and 1713.

With the last one over 15o years ago and with an average occurance of 88 years it is time.

This has all been determined by diggings in the Carrizo Plain that is north of LA in San Luis Obispo county where the San Andreas fault is a prominent feature.

Study shakes up scientists’ view of San Andreas earthquake risk – Los Angeles Times.

The Congressional Budget Office sees more of the same until 2014.

Buy American or suffer.

Difficult economic times ahead, CBO warns – Business – Stocks & economy –

EVACUATE NOW!: This is Not a Drill

Death from above, radioactive rain is going to fall for years.  But right now if you are under a cloud of smoke in europe or Russia just evacuate NOW!


Forest fires are burning in the radioactive forests surrounding the plants and factories of old Russia.  The smoke is carrying microscopic ceramic particles that are radioactive and will remain so for a very long time.  Immediately this is a huge issue for Russia, China, Europe, and Asia.  But this may be a problem anywhere rain falls for many years to come.

EVACUATE NOW!: This is Not a Drill : Veterans Today.


Some noted, a growing rift between the (Obama) administration and the Democratic Party base

How about a growing rift between anyone with brains and either of them.

Why is it only people of color that still believe that OJ is innocent?

Why is it only people of color that still believe that Obama is doing anything good?

Critics say Obama’s message becoming ‘incoherent’ –

Anglo-Saxons do not blindly support someone just because the skin color is the same.

What a fucking pig!  This post in response to a Guardian article on the death of the American Dream is choice.

I have had over 240 job openings in my small company for the last year. We get 50 resumes a day and have been able to hire 4 people in 12 months.

Here’s the reason are unable to fill positions.

Number 10. They are totally unqualified

Number 9. They have a substance abuse problem

Number 8. They are un educated

Number 7. Don’t have a way to get to work

Number 6. Unable to provide references

Number 5. Are over qualified. The minute a job opening comes up in their normal profession, we know they will leave.

Number 4. Show up late or no show the interview.

Number 3. They demand 100k a year salary for a $60k a year job (plus bonus)

Number 2. Can’t spell (we get so many resumes, we hit spell check and if there are more than 2 misspellings, we toss the resume. The number of people that cannot spell the position that they currently/last had is amazing).

via Jobless millions signal death of the American dream for many | World news | The Observer.


Overqualified.  What the FUCK.  When business is good compaines will fill positions with any warm ass that shows up and justify this action with some weak reference that they have a similar background to what is needed or that we can train them on the job.

NOW THAT THERE ARE PLENTY OF VERY QUALIFIED PEOPLE it is not that they will bolt for the first better job that comes along that keeps the hiring managers from considering them ….. it is that the hiring managers and THEIR managers are uneducated and inexperienced in comparison to these new applicants and are AFRAID FOR THEIR JOBS IF THEY HIRE SOMEONE THAT COULD COMPETE WITH THEM.


Women Who Drink Beer….

Have scaly skin from psoriasis 1% of the time and those that do not drink beer have it 0.4% of the time.  But that does not sound as headline grabbing as two and a half times as much!

I am still trying to find the data for this but what the article has shown is that about 1.4% of women get Psorisis within the study period and that the percentage of them that gets it is 2.5 times more thatn those that get it and do not drink any beer.  That would roughly make it 850 of the 1150 that drank and 300 that did not.

So again a big headline can not be written that says Drinking regular beer changes your chance of Psoriasis from 0.4% to 1.0%.  (Well that is 2.5 times difference!

Women Who Drink Beer Regularly More Likely To Develop Psoriasis.

I have worked for and with ethnic Chinese.  There is an ingrained philosophy of just ship it and see what the repercussions are.

China baby formula: China says baby formula did not cause early puberty in infant girls –

Tampons for toddlers next?  This is not just wrong it is Chinese.

Now go on down to Wal-Mart and give them some more money.

Goverment can pay for you to have Sex

But only in the Netherlands.  Where they actually understand what is important enough to make against the law and what is natural human behavior and needs.  This is not really anything new back in the 80’s the Dutch government was paying for sex for folks on the dole.

The most disturbing part of this article is the not so attractive sex worker they took a photo of.  Typically no photos are allowed in the narrow alleyways of the red light district  (I have been told) but I guess that provider did not mind.

via Councils pay for prostitutes for the disabled – Telegraph.

Poor Americians; dollar slides again

It does not look like you are losing money but you are.  Every time the dollar slides vs. other currencies you get poorer and they get richer.  The middle class is being ransacked right on schedule.

FOREX-Dollar slides vs major currencies; yen, franc rally | Reuters.

She said killing her kids was an accident

But the Orangeburg sheriffs office thinks otherwise.

Bodies of 2 children recovered from river; mom arrested –

The Burden of Time

The amount of information that the human race has documented has grown exponentially over time.

This burden of information that has accumulated is weighing down our ability to teach anything useful to anyone.

Until the written word (or symbols) information was passed down verbally in chants, stories, prayers, and songs.  Information was practical and entertaining in many cases.  Much time was devoted to the repetition of the information so that it could be learned.  Specializing began at an early age with some of the young from the village learning to be a shaman and the ways of the herbs while others specialized in hunting or gathering while still others specialized in crafts or building.

In the modern world, especially in the United States our education system has been overtaken by influences that are more self serving than willing to serve greater society or the student.

In the early part of the 1900’s The United States made it mandatory to provide every child with an education up through High School (12th grade)  while in Europe this was not universally the case.  This is credited with much of the economic growth that occurred throughout the 1900’s in the US and the growth of the largest and most prosperous middle class the world has ever seen.

That era is over.  The United States has 300 million citizens and the world has six billion people.  That means that the United States is 5% of the worlds population.  To maintain our leadership in the world we would have had to make the next levels of education as available as the first 12 years are.  We would have had to educate all of our young until they are out of college.  We failed.  A gallant effort was put into place where it was said that every child can go to college if they get the grades and will only have to pay according to their ability.  But that system does not work as advertised.

The education system failed in a much more significant way than opportunity to learn.  It failed in information overload.  Up until the second world war the history that was taught did not include half of what is taught today.  Additionally what is taught to kids in the US about WWII encompasses both the Atlantic and pacific theaters.  Kids in Japan are taught the history of WWII but the information on the Atlantic theater is almost nil.  The kids in Germany are taught the history of WWII but the information on the Pacific theater is almost nil.

Legislated teaching hours.  Special interest groups enact and get passed laws that require the schools to teach their subject of interest thus crowding out any other subjects that could be taught in that time. An example is the required teaching of The Holocaust that defines the hours that must be devoted to itin each grade  in over 24 states now.  The amount of hours has grown to over 10% of available time for history in many grades.  While the holocaust is a significant event in WWII and in History in general it is not alone in it’s significance or horror on the human race in either case to warrant such special treatment.  When my child was being taught WWII at one time the Holocaust was such a prominent feature that the teaching of WWI completely ignored all other similar genocidal campaigns completely.  The fact that the genocide in of the Jewish civilians is 45/68 of the total amount of civilian lives lost in Europe makes this an even greater tragedy .  The fact that the civilian loss of life in Russia alone is larger than ALL the lives lost in Europe yet is not taught because well during the cold war we never cared about Russia other than that they were EVIL..  In China the civilian loss of life is nearly equal to all the civilians killed in Europe with many of them in concentration camps much like those in Germany and being starved to death as well as being medically experimented on in as horrible if not more so ways than the Nazis did.  (Notice I do not say that the Germans did those horrible things.) The Holocaust was horrible and must never be forgotten.  But what of the other atrocities of similar repugnance such as the Japenese concentration camps for Civilian Chinese?  Oh that’s right the Japanese are our friends so we just sweep that under the rug.

The mandatory teaching of Algebra to the second year level is now legislated in all high schools to the point that it alone is the responsibility for much of the students that drop out of high school.  As a county we have completely forgotten that we need other skill sets.  Simple algebra has and can be taught as shop math for metal working, carpentry, or other trades.  Yet we still demand that all students learn polynomials, matrices, and conics as if they are all going to be engineers and scientists.  The special interests have lost sight and caused the system to fail.

Can A Book Completely Change Your Life?

Would you like to understand why there is so much conflicting information about what to eat or what is causing or curing diseases?

Would you like to understand the reasons heart disease, cancer, and autoimmune diseases plague the US?

Would you like to understand the spike in childhood diseases?

Would you like to understand why in the US we consume the most milk yet have the most osteoporosis?

Would you like to understand what supplements (if any) can improve health?

Many who know the Supreme Pundit knows that the Pundit has a large library of medical and nutrition books, studies, and articles and has been a student of nutrition, disease, and longevity for over 40 years.

The Pundit must say that most of what is written and available on nutrition is misleading at best.  Most studies of nutrition and disease are so flawed as to be laughable by the standards that other fields of science require. (except climate)

So much of what is studied is driven by special interests for a particular product and their competitors that the results of these studies are worse than useless,  they are harmful.

Then there is the book THE CHINA STUDY by Dr. Colin Campbell

Dr. Colin Campbell is no fly by night wanna-be.  He has held many of the highest positions in nutrition science.  He also came across situations early in his career that contradicted what he had been taught (along with the rest of us) about what we should be eating.  The information he learned from these situations if correct would make everything he was doing and had learned very wrong and harmful to the very people that he was trying to help. Thus he was driven to verify and clarify what he had learned.

The book THE CHINA STUDY takes you on this journey with him and as the story unfolds it explains not just the largest study of nutrition ever undertaken but several other studies and life works of other nutrition scientists that have dared to go against the false teachings that have been put forth.

You MUST READ THIS BOOK and when you  think you have gotten his point and are ready to set it down about half way through just keep reading on.  Unlike other books in this genre this one takes you through several completely different stories as well as explains why you have never heard any of this before.

. The China Study: The Most Comprehensive Study of….

Further bolstering the studies that detial how women and girls will dress seductivly, lose weight, and apply exteeme makup in order to have control over men.  We have here survey results where women overwhelmingly would give up sex over summer rather than gain ten pounds.

This begs the question; Why would you give up sex so you will look sexier?  Power brother, power over men.  That is what they want.  They (American women) have been programmed since birth to control men and live off their efforts like parasites.

Poll: Women Would Give Up Sex to Not Gain Weight – The Early Show – CBS News.

The epidemic that never was.  The swine flu was PROVEN to be much less harmful than the seasons other strains but the WHO kept pumping the media to have everyone get vaccinated.

Third of WHO swine flu advisers received support from drugs firms | Mail Online.

So who is surprised?

Has something you read bothered you?  Have your read something online that you felt compelled to leave a comment on.  Commenting on blogs is how they keep the idiots busy while the idiots are fleeced.

Write, call, email, fax, and VISIT your representatives!

Duh.  Who are they Supreme Pundit?

Well just click the link below and punch in your address.

Members of Congress & U.S. Congressional District Maps –

Or check out Contacting the Congress

Or the wikipedia page with it’s links so you will know when they are behind you in line at the grocer.

Obama and the US Fed Govt is spending $36m to train offshore replacements for US workers!

That means you and your kids sparky.

Oh I am sorry.  Did you think that you read that headline wrong.  Well you did not.

Obama’s campaign argued that the government needed to do more to keep hi-tech jobs in IT, biological sciences, and green energy in the country.

But now the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) has launched a $36 million campaign to train workers, including 3,000 specialists in IT and related functions, in Asia, InformationWeek reports.  We have also learned that USAID also launched a similar program in Armenia.

Obama also accused the Bush administration of creating tax loopholes that made it easier for U.S. companies to place work offshore during his campaign.  Now I am no fan of either of the Bush’s as president but what the hell is going on here in the middle of a Depression! Millions to train your replacements!

After their training, the tech workers will be hired by outsourcing vendors that provide offshore IT and business services to American companies looking to take advantage of the low labor costs.

Under President Obama’s appointee director Rajiv Shah, USAID will partner with private outsourcers in other countries to teach workers advanced IT skills like Enterprise Java (Java EE) programming, as well as business process outsourcing, and English language skills.

The banksters in Europe are not done fleecing the American middle class.  There is more money to be pulled back into the banks and out of the pockets of the American public.

The privately owned European controlled Federal Reserve Bank of the  United States mouthpiece Bernake said recently that they would not buy back the debt due to the damage it can do to the U.S.A. but his word is not something that he keeps I guess.

There is so much spin and B.S in this article that it boggles the mind.  Here is just one example.


The money involved is unclear. In March, the Federal Reserve Bank of New York estimated that at least $200 billion of the mortgage-related securities and debt would mature or be prepaid by the end of 2011.

TRANSLATION: Foreclosures will increase and the banks will take over the properties causing the loans to be classified as prepaid.

If you really want to know what is going on just google “liquidity trap”

via Saying Recovery Has Slowed, Fed to Buy U.S. Debt –

Medvedev said in a public speech last week, “Unfortunately, what is happening now in our central regions is evidence of this global climate change, because we have never in our history faced such weather conditions,” according to a published transcript of the speech. “This means that we need to change the way we work, and change the methods that we used in the past,” he said.

But, But, But the climate pundits always say that when the temperature is colder than normal that is weather not climate.  So I guess I am learning… it is climate if it meets their agenda and local weather if it does not.  Oh now I understand science.

via When the Smoke Clears in Russia, Will Climate Policy Change? –

Want Sex? Girls with iPhones are easy

I just love spin.  Below is a link to a Apple insider article that spins the facts to make it look like iPhone users are having a better time than the rest of us.  Well that may be true.  But can they also paste up the correlation of handset to herpes infection rate charts?

Girls with iPhones have twice as many sex partners by age 30 than girls with android phones.

AppleInsider | Online dating service finds iPhone owners have more sex partners.

I suppose the app that lets people hook up based on who is horny and close by may also add to these statistics.

ADHD: Who makes the diagnosis?

With all the data and hard facts avaiable on ADHD and ADD we are still talking about this? This issue of teachers acting like they are some kind know-it-all’s on every subject that concerns children and that parents are just some stupid breeders that produced some offspring has got to be taken care of.   The problem is that teachers just do not know their place.

“But it’s not the teacher’s place to make diagnoses, or to recommend medication, Gold said.

Suggest to have the kid screened, sure.  Put  forth a diagnosis as a professional that will take precedence over medical doctors in court (look it up in California) is criminal and should be an offense that can have the teacher locked up for practicing medicine.

For a teacher to suggest that a child has ADHD is “inappropriate and dangerous,” says Dr. Elizabeth Roberts, child psychiatrist in Murrieta, California

Roberts wants to say to all educators: “There are many, many diagnoses that cause these problems, including abuse and depression and anxiety. So please, withhold your judgment.

That seems like a very professional and polite way to say shut your mouth and do your job.

via ADHD: Who makes the diagnosis? –

Personality Set for Life By 1st Grade

The old saying was that past 13 people do not change.  Well that is at least what I always said.  The “journalist” for this article says by the first grade the personality is set although the children studied were from 1st through 6th grade.

This brings us back to nature vs. nurture, or the blank slate issues if you may.  Are people hardwired at birth to some extent.  If so that implies that eugenics has some basis in fact and that kind of talk is very politically charged.

Are we not all created equal?  If we are not and that is accepted by the masses the entire social order will be turned upside down and inside out.  the cast system in India will have returned but worldwide. (The elite already believe that we are not all created equal.)

Personality Set for Life By 1st Grade, Study Suggests – Yahoo! News.

Death of Anonymous Travel

Death of privacy and the death of civil rights. The watchers now are able to determine anything about anyone as far back as 5 years or more.  Even paper money has tracking capability built in now.  Soon you will be unable to store wealth in gold without the governments full knowledge. (see the health care bill).

Sherri Davidoff over at Philosceurity put together an excellent powerpoint on the complete loss of privacy that is in effect now.

Most people know most of this but when it is assembled into a single document it is ominous.

Death-of-Anonymous-Travel-DEFCON-2009-FINAL.pdf (application/pdf Object).

Women are killing mens babies……

More loving mothers.  Here we have one that at least called to admit that she tossed some mans children off a bridge to their death.

The Associated Press: Woman claims she threw 3 kids off Philly-NJ bridge.

Here is another one on the same day that walks into the Police station with some mans baby that she apparently recently stabbed.  Oh those loving mothers…

Just in case you had any doubts that this depression was a surprise to everyone you can check out the Forbes article on how the richest people in the world got richer while the rest of us suffered.


Now go back to your TV.  Don’t you dare write a letter to a “representative” or participate in some rally.

That’s right.  That’s a good serf.  Just settle in while the programming of your brain starts up again.

Richest get richer despite the weak economy, finds new Rich List | Business | The Guardian.

“I wasn’t going to go out of my way — at all. I really wasn’t,” Amanda said of her willingness to search out a person to date.

Yea, forget “29 Dimensions® of Compatibility” most primadonna American princesses are too lazy to fill out a form or make “ANY EFFORT AT ALL”  This should be the first indicator of how much effort she will put into the entire relationship sparky!

Yep,  during ovulation (look it up) she puts her muffin up for grabs and sees what fat wallet she can latch onto.

Lazy entrapment experts (American women) allow GPS enabled phones to have guys search them out based on proximity.

“I’m close and need a fucking”  should be the caption on all these photos…….

via With new GPS dating apps, it’s love the one you’re near –

Coming Class War Over Public Pensions

Summers off

Every state and national holiday off

Guaranteed employment for life after 340 days on the job

Pension worth ~ $1M

Health care for life

That is just the “lowly paid” teachers.

Lets not get started on the other “civil servants”.

Your Money – The Coming Class War Over Public Pensions –

The MBA’s incomplete education

So the first steps in correcting this inadequacy is……

To read the first book that takes a scientific approach to analyzing successful management, and management techniques.

First, Break All the Rules:

What the World’s Greatest Managers Do Differently

Marcus Buckingham


The focus of most business programs on case studies has gutted intelligence from our companies management ranks.  To look at the cult of MBA’s one needs to read:

Managers, not MBAs : a hard look at the soft practice of managing and management development / Henry Mintzberg.

Mintzberg does a fair job of looking at how the for profit American education system has duped students and business into thinking that what they have to offer has any value.

Mintzberg then goes on to discuss other approaches to management development.

And finally because most MBA’s are weak in statistics, lateral thinking, and applied mathematics

Another Recommended Book:

Analytics at Work: Smarter Decisions, Better Results – Harvard Business Review.

Just go read them then come back.


Another in the list of signs that baby boomers are about to be taken for a ride.  The SSI fund has been “loaning” the federal govt money for the past 50 years but now is going to need to collect on that debt.  With all these debts to pay how will the federal govt and the European bankster owned  private Federal Reserve Bank manage this.

Can we all say together dollar devaluation.

Medicare savings projections in dispute – that is the typical BS spin being fed to the people but if we look further under the hood

The Medicare program’s chief actuary was far more skeptical, contending that the report’s predictions “do not represent a reasonable expectation” of its finances. In a two-page letter accompanying the trustees’ report, Richard S. Foster, a non-partisan official who has been the Health and Human Services Department’s top financial expert on Medicare for 15 years, said he doubted that health-care providers will become as efficient as the new law envisions.

the above is being exposed by the New Mexico Independent HERE

But if you want a little better “spin” on it read THIS

Judge Walker overturns Prop. 8

Walker is not attacking religion per se; he is just not giving religious expression any special consideration.

”He’s basically saying that a private moral view isn’t a rational basis for legislation,”


So what about the private moral views on marriage before the age of 18?

What about the private moral views on polygamy?

What about the private moral views on incest?

What about the private moral views on substance use in the privacy of your own home?

”Judge Walker claimed to read the minds of California’s voters, arguing that the majority voted for Proposition 8 based on religious opposition to homosexuality, which he then rejected as an illegitimate state interest,”

R. Albert Mohler, president of a leading Southern Baptist seminary in Kentucky, wrote in an online column.

So the judicial can negate the will of the people because they can see into our hearts and minds.

OH my the thought crimes we are all now capable of .

via Why the Prop 8 ruling scares religious conservatives |

I just get caught up in where this is going…

Aldo wants Frank to have citizenship.  So they marry.  Does the customs officer have to observe a sex act to insure that the marriage is not a sham?  What if they are bi and are both dating some wild and crazy girls?  Does this prove the marriage is a sham?

What if my brother needs medical insurance can I marry him and now he has it?

Can a son marry his aging mother so she will get medical insurance?

Can a son marry his father so that the father will have medical insurance?

If an aging person weds their offspring and the aging persons SSI will be paid to the offspring until the offspring dies how is that going to work?

Homosexuality is already taught in many schools as acceptable.  With passage of prop 8 there was some restrictions on pedophiles visiting our schools and recruiting new victims.  With the ruling against prop 8 those pedophiles will have free access to our schools again.

Is marriage only between two people?  What about a group?

That’s right,  The judge, court clerk, officer, museum guard, social worker AND ALL THEIR FAMILY MEMBERS WILL NEVER GET A RED LIGHT CAMERA TICKET.

They are hiding behind an old law that allows them to remove any way to contact them from the databases so they never receive the citation.

The law was put into place when anyone could request the address of someone from a license plate number at the DMV.  But since someone did just that and then used that address to track down and kill an innocent person the records are not available to the public anymore.

Yet the folks that are supposed to uphold the law just now use this rule to avoid having themselves and any family member ever being held accountable for their actions.



But the ability to hide not only from red light cameras, parking tickets, and other automobile infractions extends to credit agencies, and many other systems that hold the rest of US accountable such as:

Haines & Company
Donnelly Marketing Database
Suarez Corporation

That’s right;  you just keep being a schmuck letting them tax you into poverty while they retire with 90% of their last years earnings prior to retirement and keep your nose clean and pressed to the grindstone.

Special license plates shield officials from traffic tickets | dmv, police, confidential – News – The Orange County Register.

Now do not get me wrong I am not advocating drugs I am advocating affordable health care.

Let’s just start with the fact that most xrays are now read by a radiologist in India.  If care can be administered based on a radiologists findings that has never met the patient then why can we not utilize other forms of telemedicine?

“ is the only website with regulatory approval from a U.S. state to operate as an online pharmacy engaging in remote consultations between doctors and patients.”

via Google Answers: Online Prescription from Online Doctors.

But there are other sources that may be legal if you can not afford the local pocket lining physician.

There are many legitimate companies providing consultation and prescription services operating on the internet. See for instance Doctors From Home and RxScriptOnline @

However, you should know that this option will cost you about $100 in addition to whatever medication you decide to purchase.

Depending on what type of medication you are going for, you may be able to buy it directly from a NROP or an IOP (No Record Online Pharmacy and International Online Pharmacy). So, if you are looking to buy a SSRI-type medication like fluoxetine (Prozac) or escitalopram (Lexapro) to treat your anxiety, then you can buy them directly and without a prescription (they will write you one) at the following online pharmacies: and

If you are looking for benzodiazepine-type drugs (e.g. Xanax and Valium), then you can buy them directly too. Try for instance: and

Dietary Supplement Rant on Hold

When I read the headline on this article I was ready to rant.  BUT, I cannot really disagree with their findings.  Those products can be misused just as a bottle of scotch can be misused and cause harm.

I need to contemplate if all products should be safe enough so that any misuse of them would not cause harm.


While I think about that how about you read the list.

Danger Lurking in Some Dietary Supplements?.

Ketamine lifts mood quickly in bipolar disorder | Reuters.

Is this not the same drug that was called to be completely banned by the DEA?

Two year residency requirement?

Colorado is making it a requirement to be living in the state for two years before a person can get a license to sell pot.

Are they all on a Rocky Mountain High?

What if all states make it a requirement that you live in the state for five years before you can …  say handle money, food, information, write software, drive a car, marry, practice law, or do anything other than run for office to represent the people?

Well it is Colorado…….

More than 2,000 apply for various pot licenses – The Denver Post.

Conversation not important

Looks not important

Smell not important

Sexual ability not important

Gut size not important

Fat wallet is important.

“We found that women view men in red as higher in status, more likely to make money

and more likely to climb the social ladder,” lead author Andrew Elliot, a professor of psychology at the University of Rochester, said in a university news release.

“And it’s this high-status judgment that leads to the attraction.”

via Women More Attracted When Men Wear Red: Study.

If you ever want to see how much your lovely woman loves you just announce that you are taking a vow of poverty, or a 10% pay cut, or anything that cuts down on her mad money.  Go.  Go on now.  Just try it.


Blood flow = IQ ?

The finding that low blood flow is associated with a smaller brain size may give rise to some investigation into learning disabilities and our sedentary lifestyle.  Can running make you smarter?  It is known that exercise releases vassopression which makes learning easier.

Low Blood Flow Ages Brain Faster.

Does this mean that lowlanders are smarter than mountain dwellers?

The question is; are these sugars present in formula and if not why?

Breast Milk Sugars Give Infants a Protective Coat –

What a bunch of misandriac crap.  If some lazy sociopath that does not want kids kills her offspring it is not her fault because of the crimes of men against her.

What causes the condition? Several things, Delcroix says, including previous trauma such as beatings and rape” ….

…”These women are so convinced pregnancy is impossible that once the child they never wanted arrives, they don’t accept it as real and get rid of it to restore order to what they believe is nonpregnant reality,” Delcroix says. “However terrible its consequences, pregnancy denial acts in infanticide cases much as a psychotic state that drives someone to kill another person does. Yet we still try women for what they do during pregnancy denial when we don’t try psychotic killers deemed not responsible for their actions.”

via France After Baby Murders: Confronting Pregnancy Denial – TIME.

Oh the poor mommies.  It is not their fault a man made them do it.

In order to circumvent Congress the OBAMA tyrianiasts put out a memo that reads in part:

“This memorandum,” it says,

“offers administrative relief options to … reduce the threat of removal for certain individuals present in the United States without authorization.”


“In the absence of comprehensive immigration reform,” the memo contends, “USCIS can extend benefits and/or protections to many individuals or groups.”

Instead of IMPEACHMENT!    The spineless in congress just continue to pontificate with drivel like:

“The document provides an additional basis for our concerns that the administration will go to great lengths to circumvent Congress and unilaterally execute a backdoor amnesty plan,” said Republican Sen. Charles Grassley. “The problem remains that if you reward illegality, you get more of it.”

We all know who’s backdoor something is getting violated….

Oh just go back to your TV you are not going to write any letters….

via Backdoor Amnesty – IBD –