Motivation for 8th graders……

Your graduating but why?

Why have you learned all this information and these methods and skills?

After all…

In the last one hundred years or so we have learned

how to fly,

how to make and use electricity,

how to communicate instantly with anyone or everyone,

how to stop many viruses and bacteria that have killed children and adults for thousands of years.

By now you know that.

I have some new information for each of you.

We simply do not know how all of this works or why.

And it’s time you found out that we simply do not know how all of this works or why.

You have been taught much of what we do know.

How to communicate, count and keep track of things, and a little bit about the world around you.

And many of you are wondering why you are being taught all this.

It is because you, and those that follow you, must at least be proficient at these basics.


Because we need you to help us with what we don’t know. And there is much we don’t know.


I will explain.

When you were taught about the solar system and gravity you were likely taught what we know and what we think we know.  But what no person can tell you.

What no one on planet earth knows, is what gravity is, how it works, and why it works.

We just don’t know and one of you or many of you may discover and bring that knowledge to all of mankind.

When you were taught about how sunlight breaks apart into a rainbow you were taught what we know and some of what we are guessing at.

Yes, we are still guessing at what light is.

No one on earth knows what light is, how it works, or why it works the way it does.

We need you, or those that follow you, to find out what light is.  We need to understand it so that we may be able to create and use light more efficiently and for more purposes.

You have been shown how magnets are attracted to some items and not others.  You may have seen how magnets help us create electricity.

But most electricity is still created the same way it was a hundred years ago.  Regardless of it being a nuclear power plant or a coal burning power plant we create electricity by boiling water and using the steam to spin a magnetic field.

We can use magnetism but we do not know what it is, how it works, or why.  You or those that follow you need to find out what magnetism is so that you can use it to better your lives.

When life is created from a seed or an egg we can teach you how it changes into a tree or a dog or a person.  But we do not know how each part of the tree or dog or person knows where to be or how to behave.

We do not completely know how life is formed, or grows old and dies.

When one of you or your children discovers and teaches the rest of us, how and why each cell knows where to be and what to be;

health, medicine, and living well will be so improved that we may not be able to imagine it.

All that you are being taught is history.  You are being taught what we already know.

When you learn science you are also learning the history of science.  What has worked and what has not.

When you are being taught English you are being taught what we have learned about communication and how it can help us share.

You must know history so that as your knowledge grows you do not suffer again the mistakes that we and our ancestors have made.

Find out:

why when we walk our feet are on the ground,

when we open our eyes we can see,

how life is created,

and teach it to us and your children.

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