Four Horseman

The Four Horseman of the Apocalypse

Money Control:

IMF / Federal Reserve / 12 Banking families / Fiat Money

Medical and Food Control:

Codex Alimentarius / FAO / WHO /

Information Control:

Ap /Reuters / Google / Echelon / CIA / M5 / NSA

Land and Population Control:

Agenda 21 / Smart Growth / Vaccines

So you don’t know what the fuck any of this is about?

If you want to know you will have to make a choice.  The choice starts with a thought.  Have you had this thought?

Have you thought that a person, group of persons, or several groups of people are in charge of the entire world?

NO,  I have not had that thought and the world is randomly controlled based on survival of the fittest and chance.

YES, the world is controlled by a core group of  people in collusion and sometimes competition with each other with an occasional commoner gaining some position within those ranks.

Those in the NO group can be presented with information that may be able to interest them enough to see past the facade that they live in and see the reality behind it.

Those in the YES group can be presented with further information that will help them to clarify in their mind what is going on and be able to articulate it to others in a concise and credible fashion so as to spread the word.

The choice starts here:  It starts with you continuing to read.

So lets start with information

“The CIA owns everyone of any significance in the major media”  CIA Director William Colby (Former)

CIA can control the media

So why have you not heard of this ability to control the media? It is not a secret.  It has been stated and published in several sources as well as posted as banners in public in large cities.  Well if the media is controlled (by anyone) then they will of course filter that fact.

THE BEST explanation of the first of the four horsemen is “The Money Masters” a 1996 American documentary film produced by attorney Patrick S. J. Carmack and directed and narrated by William T. “Bill” Still. Filmed 15 years ago telling the history of the world and predicting the situation we are in today.

The film presents the problem, the background and the solution.  The predictions presented in the last half hour are downright spooky.  The predictions have come true.  The solutions have not.

Hey 3 ½ hours of video with no commercials,  why not watch?

More importantly why not pass along….

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