Really?  Well I could try to defend my position but I cannot.

I will take the lead from the Harley Davidson decals that read “If I had to explain, you wouldn’t understand”

But of course to many that sounds like the decal owner is claiming that they know more than the reader.

But they do not.

To some that sounds like the decal owner is too ignorant to have the vocabulary or the persuasion skills to properly form an explanation and deliver it.

But that is not the case.

What is being referred to is that the decal owner is operating in a completely different reference frame than the reader.  The entire universe is different to them.

It is the difference between those still in a pod in the matrix and those that have swallowed the red pill.

It cannot be explained because the person in the pod is living so big a lie that the entire construct of the reader would need to be stripped away and replaced with a completely different reality of who they are, what the world is, and how it works.

It is as if the blade of grass wants an explanation of why it has been ripped in half. Why it has been cut almost to it’s roots.

One can try to explain to the blade of grass that it is because it’s entire existence is only to serve another master.  A master that it cannot communicate with.

The blade of grass knows nothing of the world away from it’s immediate vicinity.

It wonders why some things occur in cycles and others randomly.

It knows not when the steel blade will come again to cut all of it’s efforts back down to where it was in the past.

It knows not why the steel blade will come when it is nearing it’s full potential.

It does know that before the steel blade comes it will be fed and cared for and loved right up until there is a horrible thunder, a awful stench, a moment of darkness and then it is severed.

I am not the steel blade.

I have not come to cut you down.

I am but the thunder and stench, only a byproduct of the machine that forces the blade of grass to comply with the wishes of the one that has created it to only serve.

The thunder and stench as vile as it seems to the blade of grass is the only warning it will get.