The Sun

The sun (yes our SUN) is not completely understood by the Pundits that are on the government dole and only somewhat understood by others that spend their lives trying to understand how it works.  The few things we know about the sun can be summarized quickly.

The Sun:

Changes in cycles

Moves about a central location

Provides the Earth with light and heat

Would strip the earth of all life if not for the earths magnetic field instantly

With this in mind we can take a look at some of the results of the Pundits that study the Sun.

First take a look over at Whats UP WITH THAT
Anthony Watts has put together a really great blog full of information.

After you get a little reading in on that take a look over at Solar Cycle 24 How is that sun spot count coming along?

We will be filling some other background over the next few weeks.  Keep checking back in!