1. Remove harmful toxins. Eliminating foods Becca was sensitive to was the first step; we identified them with a food allergy test. She ended up taking out gluten, dairy, eggs, bananas, potatoes, corn and a few other vegetables. I also had her remove red meat from her diet. I also wanted to eradicate the yeast and parasites in her body. This we did with a combination of anti-fungal and antibacterial botanicals. She concentrated on eating a diet heavy in fish, poultry, vegetables, rice, olive and coconut oil.2. Replace digestive functionality. Often, bloating and gas indicates poor digestive capability and, indeed, Becca’s CDSA test confirmed that. We had her take a digestive enzyme with every meal.3. Re-inoculate the gut with good bacteria. Probiotics (20-30 billion live organisms) at each meal were necessary to improve intestinal immune function.4. Repair the gut lining. It’s imperative to heal the gut lining with things like l-glutamine, fish oils and n-acetyl-d-glucosamine.5. A few other things we did: biotherapeutic drainage to detoxify her liver, adrenal support with adaptogenic herbs, lots of greens drinks to provide energy and aid in detox, and stress reduction techniques such as craniosacral therapy.

Source: Treating Fibromyalgia, Naturally | Huffington Post