Note: If you’re thinking of retiring overseas, know that it will impact your Medicare coverage, and that you will still have to file your federal tax returns.

So, which cities made the list? Click through to find out.

21. Da Nang, Vietnam

Monthly Cost of Living: $840

A coastal city that was once a French colonial port, Da Nang has recently started flourishing as a travelers’ destination. The area’s biggest draws are the sandy beaches, Marble Mountains, and Dragon Bridge, as well as local museums and restaurants. With a very affordable cost of living and tons of things to do, the growing city has become popular among expats.

20. Cebu, the Philippines

Monthly Cost of Living: $900

Founded in the 16th century by Spaniards, Cebu City is the oldest city in the Philippines and is the capital of the island province of Cebu. The island’s spectacular beaches and diving spots in addition to the city’s active nightlife make Cebu a popular destination for outsiders. Luckily for expats, the cost of living is low, and English is spoken pretty much everywhere.

19. Buenos Aires, Argentina

Monthly Cost of Living: $1,330

The capital and largest city in Argentina, Buenos Aires prides itself on its dual heritage of European and Latin American influence. The city of “Good Airs” boasts historic sites, art exhibits and a night life that never sleeps.

18. Barcelona, Spain

Monthly Cost of Living: US$1,580

One of the largest cities in Europe, Barcelona is known for its beaches and the recognizable Catalan architecture that lines its streets. The gorgeous beaches, tapas restaurants and great works by Gaudi help to keep life active and beautiful, making Barcelona a popular destination for retirees.

Three of the top five best places to retire are in Europe, thanks to the rise of the U.S. dollar.

Source: Retiring Happily Abroad: 21 Best Places – TheStreet