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He says: “…judges should continually reinterpret the words of the Constitution in accordance with what they, and other elite members of society, decide is the evolving enlightenment of modern society.”


According to the Militia Act of 1792 — passed the very next year — defines the militia as all able-bodied men ages 18 through 45, except those with a religious objection to using deadly weapons. That’s why when America’s population was 3 million when the Constitution was adopted, James Madison wrote that any president who became a tyrant would face an armed militia of 500,000. That was the estimated number of grown men in the American population.

That means all of us except children and the feeble.

via Supreme Court Justice Talks Candidly About Gutting The Second Amendment | The Daily Caller.


“It sounds weird, but it’s actually a form of mildly sweet sugar we use to balance the flavor. You may have had it the last time you had a natural soda,” Taco Bell says.


“This is a form of yeast that gives our seasoned beef a more savory taste,” the company says.

In Photos: Food Company Mascots Through the Years


“Actually, it’s derived from corn, which is a food staple in Mexican culture as well as many others. We use a small amount as a thickener and to maintain moisture in our seasoned beef. It’s common in many foods like yogurt,” Taco Bell states.


“When you prepare as much seasoned beef as we do, you don’t want it to separate. That’s what soy lecithin does. It helps (with moisture) to bind substances that would otherwise separate — like oil and water. It’s a common ingredient in many grocery staples, like chocolate bars and salad dressings,” says Taco Bell.

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Taco Bell says it uses this “to help make sure our seasoned beef is the right texture.”

“They’re also commonly found in deli items, cheeses, coffee drinks and desserts,” the company says.


Taco Bell says, “This safe acid occurs in almost all living things, and we use a very small amount to manage the acidity to get the right flavor.”


Taco Bell says the caramel color “is caramelized sugar, which is a commonly used food coloring (also found in cereals and pancake syrup). Cocoa Powder doesn’t add any flavor to our recipe, but it helps our seasoned beef maintain a rich color.”


Taco Bell: “It’s a naturally occurring sugar that we use to improve the taste of our seasoned beef.”

via Taco Bell Reveals Its Mystery Beef Ingredients – Yahoo.

Largest Study Ever – Dead Farm Animals

This is the start of the book “The China Study” Read it.

Largest Study Ever – YouTube.

#1 Anticancer Vegetable – YouTube

Hey, don’t worry about your breath just have an apple and Strawberry salad for desert!

And stay away from the dead farm animals.

#1 Anticancer Vegetable – YouTube.

▶ Which Fruit Fights Cancer Better? – YouTube.

Well there is a Harvard research study that shows that Harvard researchers are lazy dolts but the good answer is apples and Strawberries (because nobody is going to eat enough lemons or cranberries to equal what they would in apples and strawberries!)

Brain Fog and Coconut Oil – YouTube

Brain Fog and Coconut Oil – YouTube.



Source of Article:,%20garlic,%20others%20offer%20protection%20against%20aflatoxin%20’damage’,%20breast%20cancer


Researchers have demonstrated a regular diet including spices such as turmeric, garlic, ginger, cabbage, onion, green tea and apiaceous vegetables like carrots reverses damage caused by aflatoxin (produced by a fungus) poisoning and its complications; as well as reduce breast cancer risk in women exposed to hormone replacement therapy. CHUKWUMA MUANYA reports.


IN recent times there have been several reports of food poisoning with aflatoxins that led to the death of many, and hospitalization of others. Three weeks ago, it was widely reported that a family of six all died after eating a meal of amala (probably contaminated with aflatoxins).


Aflatoxins, are naturally occurring mycotoxins that are produced by many species of Aspergillus, a fungus/mould, most notably Aspergillus flavus and Aspergillus parasiticus.


Amˆlˆ is a thick brown paste or porridge made from yam skin, which had been peeled, cleaned, dried and then blended. It is eaten in West Africa, primarily among the Yorbs of Nigeria.


Recent medical researches indicate that a regular diet including spices such as garlic and turmeric, and apiaceous vegetables such as carrots, parsnips, celery and parsley reduces the carcinogenic effects of aflatoxin, and breast cancer risk in women exposed to hormone replacement therapy.


Previous studies have found that postmenopausal women who have taken a combined estrogen and progestin hormone replacement therapy have increased their risk of developing progestin-accelerated breast tumors.


A Consultant Mycologist at the Department of Botany University of Lagos, Akoka, Dr. Dotun Adekunle described aflatoxins as toxic and among the most carcinogenic substances known.


According to the World Health Organization (WHO) Food Safety Newsletter, “Exposure to mycotoxins can produce both acute and chronic toxicities ranging from death to deleterious effects on the central nervous, cardiovascular, pulmonary and digestive systems. Mycotoxins may also be carcinogenic (cancer-causing), mutagenic (a mutagenic agent is one which is capable of causing mutations.


“It may also, but does not necessarily, act as a carcinogen (cancer-causing), teratogenic (able to disturb the growth and development of an embryo or foetus) and immuno-suppresive (suppresses the immune system). It also has a synergistic effect with the hepatitis B virus in the etiology of liver cancer and could interact with Human Immuno-deficiency Virus (HIV)/Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS).


“Epidemiological studies have shown a strong correlation between exposure to aflatoxins and primary liver cancer. Aflatoxin exposure in children is also associated with child stunting and child neurological impairment.”


A neurological impairment or disability may affect an individual’s speech, motor skills, vision, memory, muscle actions and learning abilities.


Indeed, spices have been shown to protect the liver against aflatoxin poisoning, and the breast from cancer. India researchers found that food additives such as turmeric, and active ingredient curcumin (diferuloyl methane), asafoetida (flavouring agent), butylated hydroxyanisole (BHA), butylated hydroxytoluene (BHT) and ellagic acid inhibited the mutagenesis induced by aflatoxin B1 (AFB1) (0.5 ?g/plate) in Salmonella tester strains TA 98 and TA 100.


Also, University of Missouri, United States, researchers have found that curcumin, a popular Indian spice derived from the turmeric root, could reduce the cancer risk for women after exposure to hormone replacement therapy.


Turmeric is a spice that comes from the root of Curcuma longa, a member of the ginger family, Zingaberaceae. In traditional medicine, turmeric has been used for its medicinal properties for various indications and through different routes of administration, including topically, orally, and by inhalation.


In Nigeria, it is called atale pupa in Yoruba; gangamau in Hausa; nwandumo in Ebonyi; ohu boboch in Enugu (Nkanu East); gigir in Tiv; magina in Kaduna; turi in Niger State; onjonigho in Cross River (Meo tribe).


Turmeric, also known as curcuma, produces a root that is used to produce the vibrant yellow spice used as a culinary spice so often used in curry dishes.


Previous studies indicate that the Asian spice cultivated in Nigeria and found in many curries, has a long history of use in reducing inflammation, healing wounds and relieving pain, preventing diabetes and heart failure, and inducing weight loss.


It is exciting to note that there are suppliers of high curcumin content, organically certified turmeric here in Nigeria, produced in Ogun State. Eurobridge Industries Ltd have one of the largest plantations in West Africa for rich, golden pure turmeric,_ and offer it conveniently packaged in 100gm sealed bags, available at 3, Balogun street, Oregun industrial Estate, Ikeja, Lagos (, and at many leading supermarkets and stores.


One of turmeric’s components is curcumin, a type of phytochemical known as a polyphenol. Research findings suggest that phytochemicals, which are the chemicals found in plants, appear to help prevent disease. As the bioactive component of turmeric, curcumin is readily absorbed for use by the body.


The study titled “Protective effect of food additives on aflatoxin-induced mutagenicity and hepatocarcinogenicity”, was published in Cancer Letters by K. B. Soni and R. Kuttan of Amala Cancer Research Centre, Amala Naga, Trichur, Kerala State, India; and M. Lahiri, P. Chackradeo, and S. V. Bhide of Tata Memorial Centre, Bombay, India.


According to the study, turmeric and curcumin, which were the most active, inhibited mutation frequency by more than 80 per cent at concentrations of 2g/plate. Other food additives were also significantly effective. Dietary administration of turmeric (0.05 per cent), garlic (0.25 per cent), curcumin and ellagic acid (0.005 per cent each) to rats significantly reduced the number of gammaglutamyl transpeptidase-positive foci induced by AFB1, which is considered as the precursor of hepatocellular neoplasm.


The researchers concluded: “These results indicate the usefulness of antioxidant food additives in ameliorating aflatoxin-induced mutagenicity and carcinogenicity.”


Salman Hyder, the Zalk Endowed Professorship in Tumor Angiogenesis and professor of biomedical sciences in the College of Veterinary Medicine and the Dalton Cardiovascular Research Center, United States, said: “This exposure to progestin will predispose a large number of post-menopausal women to future development of breast cancer. The results of our study show that women could potentially take curcumin to protect themselves from developing progestin-accelerated tumors.”


In the study, researchers found that curcumin delayed the first appearance, decreased incidence and reduced multiplicity of progestin-accelerated tumors in an animal model. Curcumin also prevented the appearance of gross morphological abnormalities in the mammary glands.


In previous studies, Massachusset University (MU) researchers showed that progestin accelerated the development of certain tumors by increasing production of a molecule called VEGF that helps supply blood to the tumor. By blocking the production of VEGF, researchers could potentially reduce the proliferation of breast cancer cells. Curcumin inhibits progestin-induced VEGF secretion from breast cancer cells, Hyder said.


“Curcumin and other potential anti-angiogenic compounds should be tested further as dietary chemopreventive agents in women already exposed to hormone replacement therapy containing estrogen and progestin in an effort to decrease or delay the risk of breast cancer associated with combined hormone replacement therapy,” Hyder said.


Researchers have demonstrated the preventive action of garlic on aflatoxin B1-induced carcinogenesis in the toad Bufo regularis.


Egyptian scientists at the Department of Zoology, Faculty of Science, Alexandria University have studied the action of fresh minced garlic and garlic oil on aflatoxin B1- (AFB1) induced carcinogenesis in the toad Bufo regularis.


According to the study published in Nutrition Cancer by Mofty M. M., Sakr S. A., Essawy A., Abdel Gawad H. S., feeding toads with AFB1 induced tumors in 19 per cent of the animals. Animals given AFB1 together with fresh garlic or garlic oil showed a significant reduction in tumor incidence.


The tumor incidences were three per cent and nine per cent in animals given AFB1 plus garlic and AFB1 plus garlic oil, respectively. In all three groups, the tumors were located in the liver (hepatocellular carcinomas), in addition to the kidney in animals treated with AFB1 alone and together with garlic.


The kidney tumors were diagnosed as metastatic deposits from the primary liver tumors. It is speculated that one or more constituents of garlic may be responsible for inhibition of AFB1-induced carcinogenesis in B. regularis.


Researchers have also studied the antioxidants and radical scavenging properties of vegetable extracts in rats fed Aflatoxin-contaminated diet.


The study published in Journal of Agricultural Food and Chemistry evaluated the protection role of garlic, cabbage, and onion extracts against the toxic effects of aflatoxin.


According to the study by Mosaad A. Abdel-Wahhab and Soher E. Aly of the Department of Food Toxicology and Contaminants, National Research Center, Dokki, Cairo, Egypt, 120 mature male Sprague?Dawley rats were randomly assigned to eight experimental groups and treated for 15 days with extracts with or without aflatoxin. Blood samples were collected from all animals from the retro-orbital venous plexus at the end of the experimentation period for biochemical analysis. Livers and kidneys were removed at the end of the treatment period for determination of glutathione, malondialdehyde, and superoxide dismutase.


The results indicated that animals treated with aflatoxin showed significant signs of aflatoxicosis. Extracts alone had insignificant effects on all parameters tested, whereas co-treatment with aflatoxin and extracts resulted in a significant improvement in all parameters; moreover, garlic extract was found to be the most effective in the prevention of aflatoxin-induced toxicity and free radical generation in rats.


The Johns Hopkins University researchers have tested the effectiveness of chlorophyllin, a derivative of chlorophyll that is used as an over-the-counter dietary supplement and food colorant, in reducing the risk of liver cancer in aflatoxin-exposed individuals. Studies conducted in Qidong, People’s Republic of China, showed that consumption of chlorophyllin at each meal resulted in a 55 per cent reduction in the urinary levels of aflatoxin-related DNA adducts.

The researchers believe that chlorophyllin reduces aflatoxin levels by blocking the absorption of the compound into the gastrointestinal tract. The results suggest that taking chlorophyllin, or eating green vegetables that are rich in chlorophyllin, may be a practical and cost-effective way of reducing liver cancers in areas where aflatoxin exposures are high.


Food Safety Daily News – FoodHACCP.

McT :Papillary Thyroid Cancer Cure?

Well the continuing information on McT and its use is just beginning.

Heartfelt real stories like this and others are “anecdotal”  but not to the folks in them or their loved ones.

Inside the Mighty McT Noodle…: Papillary Thyroid Cancer: That’s a WRAP!!.

If you watch anything this year you need to watch this

▶ Jonathan Bush: What’s wrong with profit in healthcare? – YouTube.

Free market economists are not going to be happy about this…

A major financial news source just published shocking details about a research report by two employees at the Federal Reserve Bank. The 36-page report applauds the use of “capital controls” in global markets.

Here is the report on the fed website

If you’re unfamiliar with the term “capital controls,” it’s probably because we tend to avoid them in the United States in favor of a free market economy.

Capital controls are simply laws that regulate and restrict what you are allowed to do with your money by regulating the flow of cash in and out of a national economy. The laws define such things as where you can invest your cash and how you can allocate your assets.

If you take a look around the globe, you’ll see several recent example—almost always from countries experiencing a currency crisis:

  • In Cyprus…some citizens cannot withdraw or write checks for more than €300 per day from their own accounts. These controls were put in place after the Greek debt crisis of 2012 and are set to continue until year-end.
  • In Iceland…capital controls imposed in 2008 have blockaded offshore investors from selling $7.2 billion in assets.
  • In Argentina…citizens must pay an extra tax on vacations abroad.
  • In the Ukraine…recent tensions sparked a series of capital controls. Ukrainians must wait six working days before making any type of foreign currency purchases. In addition, they cannot exchange more than the equivalent of $5,800 USD within a given time period.

You might be wondering… how are these draconian laws “a useful tool for managing financial stability” as the recent Fed paper says?

Well, the Fed research claims that capital controls would protect the U.S. dollar from the effects of rapid cash movements…

Of course, the only countries that are worried about capital controls are those deeply worried about a currency crisis.

According to Steve Hanke, a professor of applied economics at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, “Capital controls signal that a country is very worried about preserving its foreign exchange….That means bad things are in the wind.”

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For more than 50 years, Americans have never really thought twice about the value of our currency.

But times are rapidly changing. For example, the U.S. government has plans to strong-arm some of the largest financial institutions in the world by imposing a 30% withholding tax on all transactions concerning U.S. securities.

Most Americans don’t realize that the greatest weapon in our nation’s arsenal is not our military might or our education system, but the simple fact that the U.S. dollar is the world’s “reserve currency.” As such, our money forms the basis of the global financial system. And banks around the world hold our dollars in reserve against their loans.

That’s why, for the past few decades, we have been able to print and borrow trillions of dollars, with no real negative impact.

We are the only country in the world that does not have to pay for imports in a foreign currency. We can rack up enormous debts and then print more money.

But this exorbitant privilege could soon expire, because many of the most powerful countries around the world (including China and Russia) are looking for a new world reserve currency.

And when the U.S. dollar is no longer the world’s reserve currency… when we can no longer print money and borrow absurd sums without consequence– we are in trouble.

One financial guru, Porter Stansberry, believes this currency collapse in America is actually going to happen much sooner than most people think. He says that’s how currency collapses happen… gradually… slowly… then all of a sudden. And Mr. Stansberry has an uncanny track record of predicting some of the biggest moves in the economy over the past decade. In 2006 he announced GM would go bankrupt and in 2007 he predicted Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac would also soon go bankrupt. Both of his predictions came to fruition.

WATCH: Learn more from Porter Stansberry, here.

Now Stansberry says the next big collapse could be America’s currency. And even though most Americans think this could never happen… not here…Stansberry believes new laws set to go in place on July 1st 2014 will dramatically accelerate this process.

What is this law that was secretly passed by the Obama Administration… and how will it affect you, your money, and the U.S. dollar?

Stansberry and his Baltimore-based research team have put together a free slide presentation that explains everything you need to know. Get the facts and protect yourself here.

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Wealth Reporter – The Golden Truth.

SCOTUS ruling on affirmative action a detrimental step  | Daily Trojan.

Beyond Death: The Science of the Afterlife |

Younger Skin Through Exercise – –

Mother’s low vitamin D linked to toddler’s risk of cavities | Reuters.

Casual Marijuana Use, Brain Abnormalities Linked In New Study Of Young Adults.

With recreational pot now for sale in Colorado and widespread confusion over a recent satirical story that jokingly claimed 37 people had already died of a marijuana overdose, we figured it might be about time to update our weed death count.

So, here’s a GIF that still accurately shows all of the people who have died after overdosing on pot:

Yeah, not a single person has ever died from a weed overdose.

We don’t have numbers on pandas, but we’re guessing it’s about the same. According to one frequently cited study, a marijuana smoker would have to consume 20,000 to 40,000 times the amount of THC in a joint in order to be at risk of dying.

Last summer, Attorney General Eric Holder announced that the federal government wouldn’t intervene as Colorado and Washington state implement plans for a system of legalized marijuana for adults. The decision opened the floodgates for other states to pursue similar legalization efforts and outraged police groups apparently not excited to see a shift away from the failed war on drugs.

In a joint letter written to Holder at the time, law enforcement organizations warned that his move would lead to more crime, violence and even death.

While high driving may be a concern, Colorado, Washington and federal authorities have all taken steps to keep people off the road after using marijuana. The two states both have their own restrictions, and Holder said in his statement that the DOJ would still prosecute individuals or entities to prevent “drugged driving.”

The police groups also made a number of additional controversial claims that marijuana use itself leads to violent behavior, suicidal thoughts and interest in harder drugs. Scientific studies have not been able to prove this causation conclusively, however, and research has also suggested that THC has significant therapeutic value to patients suffering from cancer, AIDS or glaucoma.

None of this is to say that the nation doesn’t struggle with broader issues of drug and alcohol abuse and overdose. Drug policy reformers and activists gathered around the world last year to discuss the overdose epidemic.

In 2010, overdoses were responsible for 38,329 deaths. Sixty percent of those were related to prescription drugs.

In the same year, a total of 25,692 persons died of alcohol-induced causes, including accidental poisoning and disease from dependent use.

This piece was originally published in September 2013.

Here’s An Updated Tally Of All The People Who Have Ever Died From A Marijuana Overdose.

How not to say the wrong thing: Asshole

When Susan had breast cancer, we heard a lot of lame remarks, but our favorite came from one of Susan’s colleagues. She wanted, she needed, to visit Susan after the surgery, but Susan didn’t feel like having visitors, and she said so. Her colleague’s response? “This isn’t just about you.”

When Susan had breast cancer, we heard a lot of lame remarks, but our favorite came from one of Susan’s colleagues. She wanted, she needed, to visit Susan after the surgery, but Susan didn’t feel like having visitors, and she said so. Her colleague’s response? “This isn’t just about you.”

This woman loves Katie, and she said what she did because the sight of Katie in this condition moved her so deeply. But it was the wrong thing to say. And it was wrong in the same way Susan’s colleague’s remark was wrong.

Susan has since developed a simple technique to help people avoid this mistake. It works for all kinds of crises: medical, legal, financial, romantic, even existential. She calls it the Ring Theory.

Draw a circle. This is the center ring. In it, put the name of the person at the center of the current trauma. For Katie’s aneurysm, that’s Katie. Now draw a larger circle around the first one. In that ring put the name of the person next closest to the trauma. In the case of Katie’s aneurysm, that was Katie’s husband, Pat. Repeat the process as many times as you need to. In each larger ring put the next closest people. Parents and children before more distant relatives. Intimate friends in smaller rings, less intimate friends in larger ones. When you are done you have a Kvetching Order. One of Susan’s patients found it useful to tape it to her refrigerator.

Here are the rules. The person in the center ring can say anything she wants to anyone, anywhere. She can kvetch and complain and whine and moan and curse the heavens and say, “Life is unfair” and “Why me?” That’s the one payoff for being in the center ring.

Everyone else can say those things too, but only to people in larger rings.

When you are talking to a person in a ring smaller than yours, someone closer to the center of the crisis, the goal is to help. Listening is often more helpful than talking. But if you’re going to open your mouth, ask yourself if what you are about to say is likely to provide comfort and support. If it isn’t, don’t say it. Don’t, for example, give advice. People who are suffering from trauma don’t need advice. They need comfort and support. So say, “I’m sorry” or “This must really be hard for you” or “Can I bring you a pot roast?” Don’t say, “You should hear what happened to me” or “Here’s what I would do if I were you.” And don’t say, “This is really bringing me down.”

If you want to scream or cry or complain, if you want to tell someone how shocked you are or how icky you feel, or whine about how it reminds you of all the terrible things that have happened to you lately, that’s fine. It’s a perfectly normal response. Just do it to someone in a bigger ring.

Comfort IN, dump OUT.

There was nothing wrong with Katie’s friend saying she was not prepared for how horrible Katie looked, or even that she didn’t think she could handle it. The mistake was that she said those things to Pat. She dumped IN.

Complaining to someone in a smaller ring than yours doesn’t do either of you any good. On the other hand, being supportive to her principal caregiver may be the best thing you can do for the patient.

Most of us know this. Almost nobody would complain to the patient about how rotten she looks. Almost no one would say that looking at her makes them think of the fragility of life and their own closeness to death. In other words, we know enough not to dump into the center ring. Ring Theory merely expands that intuition and makes it more concrete: Don’t just avoid dumping into the center ring, avoid dumping into any ring smaller than your own.

Remember, you can say whatever you want if you just wait until you’re talking to someone in a larger ring than yours.

And don’t worry. You’ll get your turn in the center ring. You can count on that.

Susan Silk is a clinical psychologist. Barry Goldman is an arbitrator and mediator and the author of “The Science of Settlement: Ideas for Negotiators.”

How not to say the wrong thing – Los Angeles Times.

Nothing on YAHOO is ever right.  Why would this be?


Often duplicated but never replicated, the Coca-Cola recipe has been a well-kept secret for years.

Created by medicinal pharmacist John Pemberton in 1886, the exact measures of each ingredient that make up the world-famous soft drink have been closely guarded – until now.

American public radio show claims to have uncovered a list of ingredients and their exact quantities to mix the perfect Coca-Cola drink.

A photo from the 8th February 1979 editorion of American daily newspaper, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, shows a person holding open a book with a recipe, which is allegedly an exact copy of Pemberton’s.

[Related article: Coca-Cola changes recipe changes recipe to avoid cancer warning label]

The recipe is said to contain the precise amount of all the different oils needed to create Merchandise 7X, Coca-Cola’s secret ingredient.

Even though Merchandise 7X makes up only one percent of the drink’s formula, the key ingredient is believed to give one of the world’s most popular soft drink its unique taste.

The official recipe is allegedly guarded 24-hours a day in a vault in Atlanta, Georgia.

Here is the ‘secret recipe’:

  • Fluid extract of Coca 3 drams USP
  • Citric acid 3 oz
  • Caffeine 1oz
  • Sugar 30 (it is unclear from the markings what quantity is required)
  • Water 2.5 gal
  • Lime juice 2 pints 1 qrt
  • Vanilla 1oz
  • Caramel 1.5oz or more to colour
  • 7X flavour (use 2oz of flavour to 5 gals syrup):
  • Alcohol 8oz
  • Orange oil 20 drops
  • Lemon oil 30 drops
  • Nutmeg oil 10 drops
  • Coriander 5 drops
  • Neroli 10 drops
  • Cinnamon 10 drops


Coca-Cola’s ‘secret ingredient revealed’ | Yahoo! Lifestyle – Yahoo Lifestyle UK.

IRS + ObamaCare = mandate fines

Still a net loss in dollars for most people.  This bullshit was sold through lies and deceit to to distracted and disillusioned..

With the ObamaCare enrollment deadline in the rearview for most, the IRS is preparing for the next step — tracking and penalizing those who choose not, or cannot afford, to buy approved health insurance.

How aggressive the agency will be in pursuing those fines, though, is an open question. The IRS already is under fire over last year’s political targeting scandal and talk of harsh fines on the millions who still do not have insurance is a touchy subject in an election year.

The agency says it is still drafting final tax forms and hiring staff to carry out the task, and is offering some details about how it will collect the penalties.

For most, the penalty will not apply until early next year. Those who failed to purchase insurance by the March 31, 2014, deadline — and are not exempt, or did not get an extension — must inform the government on their tax forms in early 2015.

The IRS is using a trust-but-verify approach.

According to the agency, the IRS plans to include a specific line on the 1040 forms for taxpayers to “self-attest” whether they purchased insurance. It will most likely include a worksheet for taxpayers to calculate how much they owe — essentially either a flat penalty or a percentage of their income.

But the IRS also said it will aim to detect falsely reported information in the same way it does with income reported on the 1040s — through a third party.

Just as employers send a copy of a worker’s W-2 forms to the IRS, insurance companies will send the government information on who has purchased a policy. (This could be complicated by the fact that many businesses who originally would have been required to offer insurance to employees now have until 2016.)

For those who do not buy insurance, the question for the IRS is how far the agency goes to extract the penalty.

The IRS has said since Congress passed the Affordable Care Act in 2010 that it will follow the letter of law for those who fail to purchase insurance — that is, Americans will face a fine but will not have their property or bank accounts levied.

“Congress was very careful to make sure that there was nothing too punitive in this bill,” then-IRS Commissioner Douglas Shulman said in 2010.

He said at the time that those who fail to purchase insurance will get a letter from the IRS and could have their penalty taken from subsequent tax refunds. But he also made clear the agency “can actually do collection if need be.”

But whether Americans’ wages can be garnished remains unclear.

The penalty will start relatively small, which has led to speculation that many young and healthy people will simply choose to pay it this year as opposed to buying insurance. It starts at $95 per person or 1 percent of family income, whichever is greater. But over the next couple years, it rises to $695 per person — while aggressively pursuing these fines could prove politically unpopular, failing to do so could also increase deficit projections.

The IRS did not respond Wednesday to a question about how many additional employees have been hired as a result of ObamaCare.

The IRS asked in 2012 to hire an additional 1,269 employees, at a cost of $473.4 million, to prepare for the health law’s implementation, according to a budget proposal it made to the Treasury Department.

However, most the requests were for support roles such as information technology or customer service, and few were for agents, according to the Tampa Bay Times’ PolitiFact team, after examining the 159-page budget request.

To be sure, there is already plenty of additional paperwork.

An estimated 44 million Americans were without insurance before ObamaCare enrollment started Oct. 1, 2013. An estimated 7.5 million enrolled through the government’s exchanges, though some of them were people who were kicked off their old insurance plans.

Some of the low- and middle-income earners who enrolled will be eligible for tax credits.

IRS prepares to go after ObamaCare mandate fines | Fox News.

“They’re spending us to death,” said landowner Andy Barrie.

He is not talking about property taxes, inflation or even the cost of skiing in glitzy ski country. Rather, he’s talking about the legal fight he and his wife have been waging to save their pristine piece of mountain property — with breathtaking views of Colorado’s high country — from being taken over by the county through eminent domain.

Their battle is a unique test of private property rights. Unlike in countless other cases, where local governments have used those powers to seize land to make way for a road or some economic development project, Colorado’s Summit County is using eminent domain to go after the Barries’ land simply because officials want the open space.

It’s a peaceful plot of land the Barries don’t want to part with.

“Everyone has their special place where they really like to go, and when we came up here the first time we said this is our heaven, this is a special place,” Andy Barrie explained.

Two years ago, Andy and Ceil Barrie bought two pieces of land: a house in an established subdivision, and another piece of property at a higher elevation, accessible by an old mining road.

The isolated parcel is surrounded by 2.2 million acres of White River National Forest, and is essentially an island of private property. It includes an old mining cabin, an outhouse and a shuttered gold mine. The area is popular with hikers.

The couple’s trouble started when the U.S. Forest Service took them to task for using a utility vehicle to drive from their main residence to their cabin. They say they never went off-road, and petitioned for the path to be declared a county road.

The county, though, responded by trying to buy the Barries’ higher-elevation property in order to protect and preserve it as open space. The Barries, who never had any plans to develop it, did not want to sell.

That’s when the county pulled their trump card.

Unbeknownst to the Barries, the previous owner had remodeled the cabin without permits. So Summit County commissioners voted to condemn the property for wiring and plumbing (even though the cabin has none) and filed for eminent domain.

“I understand that we are all trying to save these beautiful mountains and make them accessible to everyone, but you know that property has been sitting there since President Garfield signed our land patent, and we’re not doing anything bad there,” Ceil Barrie said.

Last week, the two sides participated in required, formal mediation with a judge. Summit County, which refused interview requests, released a statement saying: “Both parties engaged in productive negotiations in pursuit of a voluntary settlement regarding the purchase. … We are optimistic that a resolution will be reached within a matter of weeks, if not days.”

The Barries’ hopes are dimming. Asked if recent mediation pointed to a way for the Barries to keep the land in the family name and avoid eminent domain, Andy Barrie responded flatly, “No, they’re taking it.”

Further, they’re concerned that should Summit County seize control of their 10-acre tract, the county will simply trade the property with the U.S. Forest Service for valuable land closer to town.

“They collude together to basically screw up their citizens. … Sooner or later, we’re going to run out of money, but we wanted to fight the good fight and let people know our story and what their government is up to,” Andy Barrie said.

Fox News checked with the White River National Forest division of the U.S. Forest Service about the Barries’ case. Spokesman Bill Kight said via email: “In the case of  this or any on-going legal matter (including eminent domain petitions) with any federal, state, county or local government the Forest Service will not be issuing any statement during such legal proceedings.”

The Barries have spent more than $75,000 to date. The mediation judge recently advised them the financial figure could double in the coming months.

“I even promised my daughter she could get married up here, and now all that’s gone,” Andy Barrie said.

Alicia Acuna joined Fox News Channel (FNC) in 1997 and currently serves as a general assignment reporter based in the network’s Denver bureau.


‘This is our heaven’: Colorado couple fights to save land from eminent domain | Fox News.

Landscheidt cycles…..  Buffoon! Landscheidt cycles…..

Climate change fossil fuels emissions temperature Shaun Lovejoy.

Playing ‘hard-to-get’ effective if women looking for serious love –

Playing ‘hard-to-get’ effective if women looking for serious love –

MOH to study negative findings on Tamiflu | TODAYonline.

Survey: 7% of single women say oral sex is appropriate on first date –

Men and women are equally perceptive of their partners’ levels of sexual satisfaction –

Tomatidine, found in green tomatoes, boosts muscle growth and strength –

36 U.S. Cities in 20 States Abandon the Dollar.

If you disagree you are a bad person…..

Or worse a conspiracy nut!

Charles Koch: I’m Fighting to Restore a Free Society –

Thymic Cortex Plays A Role In Immune Cell Selection – Medical News Today.

The fat girls have taken over the planet!

Yale student claims university threatened to suspend her if she didn’t gain weight | Fox News.

Is this more of beneficial bacteria being killed off allowing the fungal / viral cancer source to grow.

But first stop smoking, and floss!

Then use probiotics.

Mouthwash linked to cancer risk? Should I Worry? | Fox News Video.

Scientists grow human body parts in lab

First it was just skin,  now shaped skin, soon a person….  not yet but soon.

Scientists grow human body parts in lab | Fox News.

Yes we can!

Paraplegics Show Gains in Study of Spinal-Cord Stimulation –

Astounding!  Yep we are never going to die…

For the first time, a degenerated organ is fully restored in a living animal – Medical News Today.

Most Ivy league graduates stop learning when they get the degree.  They are too burned out and want to start to enjoy life now that they have the brass ring that will grantee them a cushy Jay-Ohh-Bee so they can live like they are on pension and do nothing.

Here’s the Essay That Got One Teen Accepted Into Every Ivy League School – PolicyMic.

Just keep watching March madness, baseball or some sitcom with tits….


The African Ebola outbreak that keeps getting worse.

Solar Cycle Progression and Prediction.

Latest Sunspot number prediction

▶ 2nd species on this planet with large heads Karen Hudes – YouTube.

▶ World Bank: Money Laundering Criminals | Interview with Whistleblower Karen Hudes – YouTube.

Former World Bank Senior Counsel Karen Hudes Says “Second Species” Controls Human Civilization – disinformation.


Former senior World Bank lawyer Karen Hudes claims so:

“These countries are not monolithic, there are forces fighting the corruption and there are forces that have totally been co-opted…The group that’s behind the network of control are the Jesuits, and there are also some groups behind them. One of these groups are hominids, they’re not human beings. They are very smart, they are not creative, they are mathematical. They have elongated skulls, they may produce offspring in mating with female humans, but that offspring is not fertile. We live in a world of secret societies, and secrets, and the information that ought to be public is not public.”

Dr. Jeff Masters’ WunderBlog : Camille of 1969 Downgraded to Second Strongest Landfalling U.S. Hurricane | Weather Underground.

How the fuck is “climate change / global warming” ever going to set a hurricane record unless we start rewriting history!

And these stupid cunts call themselves scientists!  Their degrees should be downgraded to an A.S. or just a head up their ASS degree…..


On the night of August 17, 1969, mighty Category 5 Hurricane Camille smashed into the Mississippi coast with incredible fury, bringing the largest U.S. storm surge on record–an astonishing 24.6 feet in Pass Christian, Mississippi (a record since beaten by 2005’s Hurricane Katrina.) Camille barreled up the East Coast and dumped prodigious rains of 12 – 20 inches with isolated amounts up to 31″ over Virginia and West Virginia, with most of the rain falling in just 3 – 5 hours. The catastrophic flash flooding that resulted killed 113 people, and the 143 people the storm killed on the Gulf Coast brought Camille’s death toll to 256, making it the 15th deadliest hurricane in U.S. history. Up until now, Camille’s landfall intensity had been rated at 190 mph–the highest on record for an Atlantic hurricane, and second highest on record globally, behind Super Typhoon Haiyan’s 195 mph winds at landfall in the Philippines in November 2013. However, Camille’s landfall intensity has now been officially downgraded to 175 mph, thanks to a reanalysis effort by Margie Kieper and Hugh Willoughby of Florida International University and Chris Landsea and Jack Beven of NHC. Camille’s central pressure at landfall was lowered from the previous 909 mb to 900 mb, though. The re-analysis results, presented Tuesday at the American Meteorological Society’s 31st Conference on Hurricanes and Tropical Meteorology , puts Camille in second place for the strongest landfalling hurricane in U.S. history. The top spot is now held by the Great 1935 Labor Day Hurricane that hit the Florida Keys, which reanalysis showed had 185 mph winds and a central pressure of 892 mb at landfall. The only other Category 5 hurricanes on record to hit the U.S. were 1992’s Hurricane Andrew (165 mph winds and a 922 mb central pressure) and the 1928 “San Felipe” Hurricane in Puerto Rico (160 mph winds, 931 mb central pressure.) Category 5 hurricanes have maximum sustained winds of 156 mph or greater. Revisions to Camille were accomplished by obtaining the original observations from ships, weather stations, coastal radars, Navy/Air Force/Environmental Science Services Administration (ESSA) Hurricane Hunter aircraft reconnaissance planes, ESSA/NASA satellite imagery, and by analyzing Camille based upon our understanding of hurricanes today. (ESSA is now the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration–NOAA.)

Figure 1. Hurricane Camille as seen on Sunday, August 17, 1969, about eight hours before making landfall on the Mississippi coast. At the time, Camille was a peak-strength Category 5 storm with 175 mph winds. Image credit: NOAA/NCDC.

Figure 2. Ships beached by Hurricane Camille’s record storm surge in Mississippi. Image credit: NOAA photo library.

Hurricane Audrey of 1957 Downgraded to a Category 3
A reanalysis effort on the 1955 – 1964 Atlantic hurricane seasons is also underway, and Sandy Delgado of the Cooperative Institute for Marine and Atmospheric Studies (CIMAS) in Miami, FL reported on Tuesday that Hurricane Audrey, which had previously been rated as the only June Category 4 Atlantic hurricane, has now lost that distinction. Audrey’s top winds at landfall were downgraded to Category 3 status, from 145 mph to 120 mph, which still makes it the strongest landfalling June Atlantic hurricane on record (though Hurricane Alma passed just west of Key West on June 8, 1966 as a Category 3 storm with 125 mph winds.) Audrey killed 416 people in Texas and Louisiana, making it the 7th deadliest hurricane in U.S. history. Delgado’s analysis also found twelve previously unrecognized tropical storms from the 1955 – 1964 period.

Figure 3. Hurricane Audrey near landfall on June 27, 1957. At the time, Audrey was a Category 3 storm with 120 mph winds. Image credit: NOAA.

Reanalysis of 1946 – 1950 hurricanes completed
HURDAT, the official Atlantic hurricane database, has now been updated with a reanalysis of the 1946 to 1950 hurricane seasons. This was an active period for hurricanes, with 13 striking the continental United States (an average five year span would have about nine U.S. hurricane impacts.) Five of the 13 were major hurricanes at U.S. landfall, and all five struck Florida. These are a Category 4 hurricane in Fort Lauderdale in 1947, a Category 4 hurricane in Everglades City in 1948, a Category 4 hurricane in Lake Worth in 1949, Category 3 Hurricane Easy in Cedar Key in 1950, and Category 4 Hurricane King in Miami in 1950. Of these, King and the 1948 and 1949 hurricanes were upgraded from a Category 3 to a Category 4 based upon the reanalysis. Having five major hurricanes making landfall in Florida is a record for a five year period, equaled only by the early 2000s. In addition, nine new tropical storms were discovered and added into the database for this five year period. The number of major hurricanes for 1950 was reduced from eight to six, putting that year in second place for the most major hurricanes in one year. The record is now held by 2005, with seven major hurricanes (Dennis, Emily, Katrina, Maria, Rita, Wilma, Beta; thanks go to Mark Cole for bringing this stat to my attention.) Andrew Hagen, Donna Sakoskie, Daniel Gladstein, Sandy Delgado, Astryd Rodriguez, Chris Landsea and the NHC Best Track Change Committee all made substantial contributions toward the reanalysis of the 1946 – 1950 hurricane seasons.

Jeff Masters