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Xenolinguistics: “the scientific study of languages of non-human intelligences.The SETI debates have included cautionary arguments about the possibility that aliens might be hostile.But this perspective tends to be set aside in favour of an assumption that aliens would necessarily be intelligent and motivated to communicate in a way that fits comfortably into western assumptions.In April of 1960 the Brookings Institute report, “Proposed Studies on the Implications of Peaceful Space Activities for Human Affairs” was presented to the 82nd Congress of the United States.The conclusions found by the Institute and included in their report, were that “a profound negative social consequence would result if extraterrestrial contact were confirmed.”A 1968 RAND document predicted similar results.Worldwide panic was at the top of both of their lists.It would seem that the government had their answer and no further confirmation was necessary.A policy of “deny and ridicule” was adopted and remains to this day.UFO reports sometimes indicate that the aliens were speaking a language the witnesses were unable to understand.Tall Whites are said to sound like dogs barking, while the tiny aliens were said to be speaking a Chinese-like language.Some abductees have even provided a smattering of symbols of one alphabet or another.Communication plays an important role for a technologically advanced civilization.The transmission of complex ideas and concepts is more efficient through language, meant as a symbol system.Because these various groups of aliens speak such different languages, each has ‘taught’ their abductees their own variety of symbols, some of which are both three dimensional and mind-stretching to comprehend.Therefore the alphabet expressed to me by my expat friend may differ from that of others who have shared thoughts with their own flavor of aliens.

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Texas still tells the federal goverment to keep their fucking hands off of what happens in their state!

That is the bottom line of what is still going on here.

Burzynski Clinic Presents Over Five Years Survival Data From Phase II Trials of ANP for Inoperable Brain Tumors at the Congress.


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Not one hurricane in the Atlantic or Gulf of Mexico this year and no comment in the media but ONE storm and a photo op of some shanties blown over and it’s all climate change Armageddon.

Fucking liars…

Climate change pledges: rich nations face fury over moves to renege | Environment | The Observer.

Tax the middle class, tax the middle class, Tax them until they are too poor to speak up or fight back…..

Once again the Eco-nazis destroy to prove their cult has the answer.

Fucking idiots…

World’s Oldest Animal Was 507, Scientists Accidentally Kill Famous Ocean Quahog, Ming, While Re-Dating It PHOTOS : News : Headlines & Global News.

Secretary Kerry’s bombshell on the JFK assassination

In the five decades since the assassination of President John F. Kennedy many Americans have never believed that Lee Harvey Oswald was a lone gunman. Today Secretary of State John Kerry said that he’s not convinced either. Anderson discussed this with author Philip Shenon and presidential historian Douglas Brinkley.

via Secretary Kerry’s bombshell on the JFK assassination – Anderson Cooper 360 – Blogs.

Tracing Arthritis to Bugs in the Gut?

Tracing Arthritis to Bugs in the Gut?.

Tumor Paint: Changing the way surgeons fight cancer –

BBC News – Depression ‘makes us biologically older’.

Now she doesn’t even have to push!  His wife said he was crazy. Other men thought it was a great idea and encouraged him.  Now for women it’s just flop and plop while a man does the work of getting the baby out.

Car Mechanic Dreams Up a Tool to Ease Births –

America in action

dish_gitmo library

Charlie Savage has created a tumblr of detainee reading material. Dan Colman notes:

According to news reports, the library currently has 3,500 volumes on pre-approved topics. Prisoners have to order books in advance. (They can’t just wander through the stacks.) And the most popular books include Agatha Christie mysteries, the self-help manual Don’t Be Sad; The Lord of the Rings; and, of course, Harry Potter.

I’m relieved the president reiterated his support this morning for closing one of the most potent recruiters for Jihad against the US on the planet. I await his executive decision to release the innocent Yemeni prisoners to their country of origin. Or is this more bullshit/impotence? But Gitmo’s awful impact on American soft power is nothing compared to its potency as a toxin against the Constitution. Read Joe Nocera on a man captured at the age of 20, with no proof of his involvement in Jihad, and now destined to live a life sentence, if the US Congress has its way. Life-long detention without ever having committed any actual crime? That’s now the meaning of America, as represented by the Congress? Yes, it is. This is America, as recorded in a must-read diary from GTMO. In August of 2003, after days of “interrogation”, a prisoner was seized from his cell and taken out on a boat in the Caribbean:

My first thought was, they mistook me for somebody else. My second thought was to try to look around, but one of the guards was squeezing my face against the floor. I saw the dog fighting to get loose. I saw [——-] standing up, looking helpless at the guards working on me. “Blindfold the motherfucker! He’s trying to look—” One of them hit me hard across the face and quickly put goggles on my eyes, earmuffs on my ears, and a small bag over my head. They tightened the chains around my ankles and my wrists; afterward I started to bleed. All I could hear was [——-] cursing, “F-ing this and F-ing that.” I thought they were going to execute me.

The other guard dragged me out with my toes tracing the way, and threw me in a truck, which immediately took off. The beating party would last for the next three to four hours, before they turned me over to another team that would use different torture techniques. “Stop praying, motherfucker. You’re killing people,” [——-] said, and punched me hard on my mouth. My mouth and nose started to bleed, and my lips grew so big that I technically could not speak anymore. The colleague of [——-] turned out to be one of my guards; [——-] and [——-] each took one of my sides and started to punch me and smash me against the metal of the truck. One of the guys hit me so that my breath stopped and I was choking. I felt like I was breathing through my ribs. …

Inside the boat, [——-] made me drink salt water, I believe it was direct from the ocean. It was so nasty I threw it up. They put an object in my mouth and shouted, “Swallow, motherfucker!” I decided inside not to swallow the organ-damaging salt water, which choked me as they kept pouring the water in my mouth. “Swallow, you idiot!” I contemplated quickly, and decided for the nasty, damaging water rather than death.

[——-] and [——-] had been escorting me for about three hours in the high-speed boat. The goal of such trip was, first, to torture the detainee and claim that the “detainee hurt himself during transport,” and second to make the detainee believe he is being transferred to some far faraway secret prison. We detainees knew all about this; we had detainees who reported flying four hours and finding themselves in the same jail where they started.

If I had read this in my teens, I would have assumed this was a description of a Soviet Gulag or a South American fascist dictatorship. But this is America – and it tells you everything you need to know about the profound corruption in the ship of state that the man who authorized all of this was just feted by all living former presidents. As for accountability, here’s who has been held accountable: [——–].


FBI probe of defense tech allegedly leaked from NASA stonewalled, sources say | Fox News.

Your Activities, YOUR activities, are what make the difference.

How Heidi Albertsen changed her diet and changed her life | Fox News Video.

largest amateur telescope built

Utah man’s creation may be largest amateur telescope ever built | Fox News.

In the Milky Way Galaxy alone!  Yep there is no chance that another intelligent being could evolve and visit earth.


At least 8.8 billion Earth-size, just-right planets found, study says | Fox News.