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Picasso Les Enfants

The older woman is giving fellatio to a very young boy. This is pedophilia. This was apparently normal enough everyday activities that it warranted being documented by the painter.   The very X-rated Picasso painting soon to be shown at the Metropolitan Museum (which owns it).

Gary Tinterow, the Met’s curator in charge of 19th-century, modern and contemporary art, told Carol that the work hadn’t previously been shown “not because of its subject matter or because of questions of its

authenticity, but because it’s not very good.” But 13 years ago, another Met curator (who requested anonymity) had told me (scroll down) that the painting was in storage because the 20th-century galleries were populated “by so many school children.”

And we do not want any of those boys to think they can receive a cock sucking from anyone at any time in their lives.  For gods sake his career has not even started yet.  What if he is never able to provide for all her needs?


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The Rude Pundit

(Never) Forget 9/11:

Here’s a picture that’s being made public for the first time:

But the real question is why are there so few?  Don’t you remember?  It went out over the news.  If you did not turn in your photos and videos of the attack then you could be charged with withholding evidence and other crimes.  Cheney and his devils were brilliant!


There are tons of personal pictures of September 11, 2001 and of the ruins left behind by the terrorist attacks of that day. This one, dated October 6, 2001, when body recovery was still going on in the pit at Ground Zero, shows the jagged remains of one of the towers of the World Trade Center. The Rude Pundit doesn’t know who took the picture. It was given to him by a photo lab employee/friend a few years back. She said that someone brought a digital card in to get some snapshots developed, took one look at the pictures, and told the employee that she could keep them.

It is dusk, and the wreckage and the buildings behind it give it the feeling of the ruins of a gothic estate, as if you were wandering among the moors and came across a fallen castle, something so mighty destroyed by the barbarians with their primitive weapons.

There’s many things we can talk about today. The worker who took that picture was in the pit. He was involved in digging through the debris, with its spice mix of poisons coursing through the air. If he doesn’t have cancer or some lung disease yet, well, good on him. But at least a thousand others who do have 58 kinds of cancers can now get some monetary relief from the 9/11 health fund, from the Zadroga Act, if the bureaucracy ever gets moving faster than its current glacial pace.

We could talk about what journalist Kurt Eichenwald wrote in the New York Times today, about other national security memos that the Bush administration ignored, something that not only confirms the depth of incompetence of our leaders in the first part of this century, but also the pathological intensity with which the neocons wanted to test their worthless ideology by going to war with Iraq. With Wolfowitz and Rumsfeld at the Pentagon, they “were warning the White House that the C.I.A. had been fooled; according to this theory, Bin Laden was merely pretending to be planning an attack to distract the administration from Saddam Hussein, whom the neoconservatives saw as a greater threat.” What can you say to that but “Christ almighty. What else? What else?”

We could talk about the degradation of our nation, of drones and Guantanamo deaths, of wars fought, with one still ongoing for no good reason, even if it is winding down. We could talk about all the deaths in Iraq, in Afghanistan, in Pakistan, in Yemen, the civilians we don’t really talk about. We could talk about a nation that pretends it not only isn’t at war but that it hasn’t been. We could talk about our diminished civil liberties, at airports, at protests, on the fucking streets of our fucking cities and towns, and our blind and willing acceptance of all of it.

Instead, look at this other picture you’ve never seen before:

God, isn’t it strangely beautiful? That’s the sunrise, reflected off the damaged, not destroyed, buildings near the Twin Towers, piercing the ash and smoke. It’s so hopeful, as if there is a possible light in the future that can envelop all of us in its warm embrace. But that photo was taken on September 17, before the first one, in those mythical days of desperate hope and fake unity, a glow that faded so very quickly.

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Fellatio is: Loving affection

• Fellatio has been depicted in ancient artwork dating back to prehistoric cave paintings.
• According to Egyptian myth, the goddess Iris “blew” life into a clay penis by sucking on it.
• Cleopatra was once said to have blown dozens of soldiers in a single night. Other famous noblewomen allegedly adept at fellatio were Russia’s Catherine the Great and America’s own Nancy Reagan.
• Ancient Greeks referred to fellatio as “playing the flute.”
• The Kama Sutra (circa 100 A.D.) features an entire chapter of fellatio techniques, including “The Butterfly Lick” and “Sucking the Mango Fruit.”
• Declaring fellatio to be “the worst of all evils,” Theodore the Archibishop of Canterbury in 670 A.D. prescribed a lengthier punishment for sucking a cock than for murdering someone.

Apparently Catholic leaders only want to fuck little boys and despise the nuns for sucking their cocks at any time.  fucking faggots!
• A Japanese woman named Kaho claims that she’s able to tell a man’s fortune by sucking his penis. “It depends, I suppose, on what the member feels like when I first put it in my mouth, what shape it takes when it gets hard, the color and what it tastes like when (the client’s) finished,” says Kaho, who claims to have “told” over 1,000 such “fortunes” in a single year. “I take all these things into account, then read the fortune.”
• Fellatio is nearly unheard of in Eskimo culture. Fuck, they don’t even use their mouths to kiss.
• According to one estimate, fellatio is still illegal in more than a dozen states.