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Aurora Colorado Massacre was preventable without Batman that joker would not have done a damn thing.

Watch the video

How to stop a massacre: Surveillance video reveals simple, low-cost solution that works everywhere.

Why virgin coconut oil is superior to highly refined, processed coconut oil.

Will online business flee California?

Amazon Tax Bill Passes State Assembly | NBC Southern California.

since there are more on the government payroll than in manufacturing you will either work for the govt. or be detained by them.  so School really is preparing you for your future.

Prison » 18 Signs That Life In U.S. Public Schools Is Now Essentially Equivalent To Life In U.S. Prisons.

TSA security looks at people who complain about … TSA security – CNN.

25 Shocking Facts That Prove That The Entire U.S. Health Care Industry Has Become One Giant Money Making Scam.

Gerald Celente -The First Great War of the 21st Century MIRROR – YouTube.

Ryan: Debt on Track to Hit 800 Percent of GDP; ‘CBO Can’t Conceive of Any Way’ Economy Can Continue Past 2037 |

Stephen Moore: We’ve Become a Nation of Takers, Not Makers –

Oakland gardener questions need for permit to sell produce – SFGate.

Why do clinical trials exclude depressed people? | Reuters.

The RIAA claims that they are owed more than the entire global gross domestic product!   Fuck Sony.

Judge to music industry: ‘Worth trillions? Forget it’ • The Register.

Norfed or liberty services is the National Organization for the Repeal of the Federal Reserve and Internal Revenue Code.

FBI — Defendant Convicted of Minting His Own Currency.

Radiation Network.

empty store shelves with days before they are restocked

Japan’s nuclear emergency prompts panic buying in Tokyo | World news | The Guardian.

Study: Social networking releases love hormone | Video | Fox News.

Omega-3s Linked to Less Age-Related Vision Loss | Fox News.

Michigan bill would impose “financial martial law” – Political Hotsheet – CBS News.

Take This Antidepressant, and You Too May Have a Violent Psychotic Break | The Alliance for Natural Health USA.

Jefferson researchers provide genetic evidence that antioxidants can help treat cancer.

Who’s Afraid of a Free Society?

If you produced your own power, water, and owed no debt to a bankster……

Who’s Afraid of a Free Society? by Thomas E. Woods, Jr..

$170 million mock city rises at Marine base – US news – Life – Military –

Dallas Police Officer Charged With Stealing From Crime Stoppers « CBS Dallas / Fort Worth.

Global food chain stretched to the limit – Business – US business – Food Inc. –

Lies, Damned Lies, and Medical Science – David H. Freedman – The Atlantic.

Do synthetic food colors cause hyperactivity? – Chicago Tribune.

Prison » The Debt Ceiling Debate Really Doesn’t Matter – Either Way U.S. Government Finances Are Going To Crash.

Of course they had to use their hands on her to insure security!

Tammy Banovac, wheelchair-bound woman wearing lingerie, gets hour-long airport search | Mail Online.

Probiotics may have some benefits for children, study says – The Boston Globe.

Commonly used antidepressants may raise heart disease risk – Telegraph.

World ‘Dangerously Close’ to Food Crisis, U.N. Says –

Gene research finds clues to AIDS survival – The Boston Globe.

3 Lies Big Food Wants You to Believe and the Truth Behind Factory-‘Farmed’ Meat | | AlterNet.

The Elites Are Unanimous: Lower Everyone’s Wages and Standard of Living — Except They Don’t Say it Out Loud | Economy | AlterNet.

Is There Too Much Pressure to Engage in Crazy, Kinky Sex? | Sex & Relationships | AlterNet.

Gene research finds clues to AIDS survival – The Boston Globe.

Coconut Oil and Alzheimer’s Disease | The Alliance for Natural Health USA.

Vitamin D Levels Studied In Breast Cancer Survivors – Move It News Story – KERO Bakersfield.

Who Owns Organic | Great Chart

Who Owns Organic | Cornucopia Institute.

Searl Effect Generator : Free energy?

Searl Effect Generator – Prof. John R.R. Searl. – Chemotherapy and Vitamin C.

How heat helps in cancer treatment – Telegraph Blogs.

Vitamin D protects against obesity-induced endometrial cancer, GUMC researchers say.

International Vitamin D Summit comes to Scotland | Shine On Scotland.

Roundup ready soy beans = birth defects

Carrasco_soybean_PR.pdf (application/pdf Object).

Memory loss is NOT a normal part of aging, say experts | Mail Online.

B vitamins found to halve brain shrinkage in old | Reuters.

Low vitamin D linked to schizophrenia › News in Science (ABC Science).

BBC News – ‘Brisk walks’ to prevent cancers.