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Because every image you have ever seen of your home solar system has been a complete lie.

You need to get the following into your mind to have any appreciation of where you live:

Go To  The Exploratorium page on the solar system

Punch in 1.68 inches for a golf ball sized SUN!

Notice that the earth will be 15 feet away and the size of a grain of sand.

Then you are free to give thought to the fact that the magnetic field of the sun is diminishing.  And give thought to the fact that our climate is controlled by Jupiter’s pull on the sun from 78 feet away when it is only the diameter of the lead in your pencil………

Some think that the pull is from Neptune, others from Jupiter.  Either way it is mind boggling that the gravitational fields of  the planets or the sun do indeed affect each other when you envision that something the size of the lead in a pencil can affect another object 78 feet away the size of a golf ball.  Then add to that  the fact that we still do not know what creates gravity or how it actually works everyone should realize that the human race still does not know jack about what’s going on around us or how the solar system works.

The Supreme Pundit subscribes to the theory that the planet-sun barycenter effects on the sun are not just correlation but are the cause of the variability in the solar cycle.  And from the data in the following papers  it is very clear that the solar cycle affects the climate and weather on planet earth more than anything else.  (Van Allen belts are a given).

Several papers are now available that explain this very clearly that I would only regurgitate here for you with less clarity and prose….. so you are free to download them here:

The first is the Best!

Are Uranus & Neptune responsible for Solar Grand Minima
and Solar Cycle Modulation?

This is the site where much discussion occurs on this:

Jovian angular momentum and it’s effect on the sun

I have not cranked through all the math on the next one but the text tells the story well enough.

On a Possible Generation Mechanism for the Solar Cycle

Solar Cycle 24-A Game Changer Revisited | Climate Change Sanity.


When there is corruption and money involved some folks will never give up.  Global Cooling is underway.

Surprise Deal Emerges at United Nations Climate Talks – News Watch.

Marriage Sucks because of the femi-nazis

There is a lot of guessing on why people IN THE USA are bailing out of the marriage trap.  So the Supreme Pundit will clarify it for the record.

Men are more aware of how much they get fucked by the system and how little they get fucked by their wives once they sign a single peace of paper called a marriage contract that is tied to more case law than the entire US tax code.

Keep it up Femi-nazis!  None of you can cook, fuck, or carry on a conversation anymore.

Here are the stats:

TOC Export Violations

Company ignores the law and gets schooled.

TOC Export Violations.

Denied list ignored….

Not good for any company

e2222.pdf application/pdf Object.

IF his story is true…..

Let this stand as a warning to all men.

There is much written (albeit speculated) that women that are aggressive in the workplace are very submissive in the bedroom.  If this Carlsbad man’s story is true that his wife and he would engage in rough role playing he just got raped by the system.

Crystal Harris a stockbroker and the breadwinner in the house accused her husband (a stay at home dad) Shawn of raping her and got the spousal support she had to pay him reduced from $3,000 a month to $1,000 a month after he is convicted on one of the three counts.

“I call that the rape discount,” Crystal Harris said.

Crystal testified that while changing panties right before having sex she first turned on a tape recorder she had already hid in her underwear drawer and then her husband raped her and that is what is heard on the tape.


Apparently she was plenty compliant during the first sex act on the tape but it sounded rough when she gave him a BJ after she said she did not want to.  She claims she was afraid.  She claims that he forced his dick into her mouth.  You can hear “no” being said on the tape per the UT articles.  For this he got six years in prison.

But that is not the worst.  The worst is the headline the femi-nazi press put out that reads:

Woman Forced To Pay Attacker’s Attorney Fees . That is how it is presented to the public.

If your partner likes it any way but quiet and slow you likely need to document just how it goes so when a recording shows up in court you have every session ever with that partner on tape and always get them to say at the end that was how they like it.

OR you can attempt to read one of the only two books I have ever not been able to get through:

Overcoming the Devastation of Legal Abuse Syndrome

The legal abuse syndrome is that walking zombie like condition after some person finds out just how bad the US. legal system treats men in divorce situations.

The US Govt. is getting called on the carpet on how they talk out of both sides of their mouths…

U.N. Envoy: U.S. Isn’t Protecting Occupy Protesters’ Rights.

Going bonkers with the hand soap, or having some other compulsive behavior?  Well it may be related to the last cold, flu, or infection you had.

Childhood disorder steps up study of infections’ link to mental illness –

Yep the climate frauds are still trying to do just that.  But slowly, yes slowly people are getting exposed to the real agenda…..

Hey, Let’s Impose an International Tax to Combat Climate Change! – Erika Johnsen.

It may seem so.  With Wired Magazine now talking about wearing a tinfoil hat and why you would consider doing so. Additionally the Google-FBI-CIA blather has folks up in arms over the android (google phone software) phones reporting every keystroke back to some main servers for unknown purposes.  With Government sponsored software activating your web cam and microphones as well as monitoring your laptop for all it does and accesses and where it is at all times basically we have completely lost all privacy.

With the Chinese accessing our secure utility and military sites they could and are likely collecting damming information on people in key positions to use to control those people at a critical time.

9 Reasons Wired Readers Should Wear Tinfoil Hats | Threat Level |