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Be afraid, be very, very, afraid.  This is all part of the alimentarius Codex that is on it’s way to banning vitamins, minerals, and any other supplements so that the big pharma companies can declare them as drugs and require you purchase them as prescriptions.  Now the New World Order (NWO) fools have passed a law that says that any water bottler that claims that water can prevent dehydration will go to jail for two years.  NO KIDDING.

EU bans claim that water can prevent dehydration – Telegraph.

Takotsubo cardiomyopathy — known as “broken heart syndrome” is the leading rage for the femi-nazi gold digger crowd.  Yep when a man gets fed up with being cutoff, manipulated, deceived, cheated, humiliated, and generally taken advantage of and he manages to escape some conniving, uncaring, narcissistic, tease  (gold digging woman); the woman now shows up at the hospital whining about the tightness in her chest, and general pain.

It is called stress. Bitch.  It is what most men put up with on a daily basis while some woman watches daytime tv and drinks wine on their dime.

It typically goes away right after they get a new meal ticket hooked.

Yep read the details from the Mayo ClinicAP, or the American Heart Association.