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Just in case the nerds reading Discover ever encounter a naked woman:

no maintenance required for hygienic and attractive genitals with Laser Hair Removal

no maintenance required for hygienic and attractive genitals with Laser Hair Removal

Yes nerds there are a few women out there that look like Sasquatch in silk.  Most of those MILF’s are really mothers with infinitely long fur, and as they get older that hair gets less like fur and more like steel wool.  It typically intertwines to the point that a machete, or some advanced talent in untying knots, is needed just to get to something that may be moist.

If the pubes are long enough (almost always) they will get pulled in to the love canal adding to the friction right up until the abrasion starts removing the mans skin.  This is one time that premature ejaculation is desired.

Some of the furry women that insist on being Sasquatch in the crotch argue that men only want them to look like a twelve-year-old.

Yet they shave their arm pits to look like a twelve-year-old,

they put on makeup designed to make their faces look like a pubescent girl and….

they also shave their legs to look like a per-pubescent girl.

Yes there are a few aging women that want to be lazy and long for the long hair down there such as Lisa G. but while she equates Sasquatch crotch with having  a “reclaimed sense of womanhood” I did not read in her prose that she wants to have her armpit hair, leg hair and dark circles under her eyes back to help her in her quest to reclaim womanhood.  Typical.

The frustration for men that prefer less jungle to deal with is you need to get to that point in a relationship just to find out that she is that disinterested in making the intimate part of the relationship good for you only in making her parts exposed in clothes attractive enough to lure you in.

A PDF of the scientific study with all the proper charts and graphs can be had from here Pubic Hair Removal among Women in the United States: and makes for very interesting reading.

As reported in the New York Times recently

Laser hair removal in general is a growing trend. Last year about 1.4 million Americans had it done, a 53 percent increase over 2003, according to the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery. The society does not track the number of procedures done on specific body parts, but anecdotal evidence suggests that more young women are going bare under their briefs.

Now there are at home devices that mimic the laser hair removal method used in the doctors office at a fraction of the price.  There is Lumi by evoDerma and Tria the first one on the market.  They are not as powerful as the in office machines and will require more treatments but what the hell you can do it at home!

Dermatologists and aestheticians report that laser removal of pubic hair is one of their most popular procedures. And gynecologists, emergency room physicians and other medical practitioners in big cities say they also have noticed a surge in patients who have had it done. From this NYT

“I do full body exams to check for skin cancer, and I can think of almost no female patients who come in with natural pubic hair,” said Karyn Grossman, a dermatologist in Santa Monica, Calif., and New York City. “Either they have nothing left, or they have a small patch that is two inches by half an inch, but the trend is toward having it all gone.”

Latricia Stone, 35, a medical devices representative in Orlando, Fla., spent $1,500 on pubic hair removal at an Ideal Image laser center. Convenience was one reason, she said. Another was her desire to spice up her marriage.

“When I met my husband during college, I had just modeled for a bikini photo shoot and I had no hair down there,” Ms. Stone said. “But 12 years later, with two kids and a busy job, my pubic hair was like wool. I had no time for bikini wax appointments.” Now, she said, “my husband is very happy.”

Fifty percent of our female patients ask to go totally hairless, but 10 percent of our male patients come in for the same treatment,” said Mitchel P. Goldman, the dermatologist who founded La Jolla Spa MD, “especially the mountain bikers who don’t want pubic hair getting in the way of sports.” These men, Dr. Goldman said, opt for total hair removal. “This includes the hair around the scrotum, the testicles and the peri-anal area,” he said.

Some doctors speculate that lasers are fueling the completely bare trend because they do not cause cuts, razor bumps, rashes or ingrown hairs, which can result from shaving and waxing. Lasers work by blasting hair follicles with heat, which causes hair to fall out and reduces new growth. Unlike waxing, shaving and depilatories, a series of laser treatments can permanently reduce hair by 80 to 90 percent.

The technique can be expensive. Doctors charge from $250 to $750 for each treatment of the pubic area. Three to 12 sessions may be needed for permanent hair reduction, plus follow-up treatments once or twice a year.

Doctors say pubic hair serves a biological purpose. It acts as a barrier to bacteria and viruses, reduces friction during sex and disseminates pheromones, the scents that scientists think may trigger sexual attraction in people.

“But my patients don’t care that sex might become less sexy because denuding themselves reduces pheromones,” said Ava Shamban, a dermatologist in Santa Monica.

(And interestingly in the same article in NYT are doctors now commenting on the usefulness of pheromones being distributed in the air by the pubic hair.  I guess these folks should have a meeting with those that claim that there are no such thing as Human pheromones.)

Shanacy Kashani, 27, an airline scheduler who is one of Dr. Shamban’s patients, said that she and her boyfriend are enjoying sex more now that she’s had the treatment, which was a gift from her boyfriend. Nevertheless Ms. Kashani said that removing her pubic hair was less about sex than it was a personal statement that she compares to a tattoo.

“Once when I was at a pool party with friends, we all dyed our pubic hair pink,” Ms. Kashani said. “But now I’ve decided to have almost all of it off.”

Now here comes the femi-nazi, religious, bullshit that is always used by the naysayers from the same NYT article:

Mary Lupo, a dermatologist in New Orleans, refuses to laser the inner labia and anal regions, but not because of health concerns. “We will laser the front and the backside,” Dr. Lupo said, “but we don’t spread any skin or do between the cheeks because there is an indelicacy to that which is embarrassing to both the practitioner and the patient.” She discourages her patients from going completely bare. “Grown women without pubic hair look weird,” she said. “And men liking women to have no pubic hair could have a pedophilia aspect to it.”

So we must derive that the OBGYN and proctologist, and urologist are embarrassed all day long. Additionally we must assume that all men that like shaved underarms, or shaved legs or eye makeup on women are pedophiles as well.  Of course that only applies to MEN as women (lesbians) that prefer their partners be smooth or women that prefer that their heterosexual partner be smooth could not possible be a pedophile.

One subject almost never seen when discussing pubic hair removal is now those unsightly GREY PUBIC HAIRS are not interfering with the youthful appearance that you have worked so hard to maintain through proper living.

If you have not seen them yet on yourself or your partner you will soon.

The study is also discussed in Discover Magazine as well:  NCBI ROFL: Science proves women who wax have better sex. | Discoblog | Discover Magazine.

Gigi has some sage advice she has cleaned and is willing to share it with those gold digging, tennis elbow toy pumping, snide, wives that are convinced that they will be giddy with endorphins after they sucker punch their husband with a cleaning out of the house and bank accounts on the way out.

Read it bitches.

Gigi Levangie Grazer: Wasbands And Wives: Seven Reasons To Stay Married.

The world’s largest sperm bank isn’t taking any more donations from men with red hair because demand for redheaded children is relatively low.Customers that do request redheaded donors are mostly based in Denmark, Germany and Ireland, Schou told the Irish Times. The rest of us only want red headed (or blond) girlfriends unless body hair is not an issue at all…….

via Redheads turned away from sperm bank – Global Public Square – Blogs.

An online game called Foldit was developed by folks at University of Washington response to scientists failed attempts to determine the structure for several years as reported in Nature Structural & Molecular Biology.

Which showed the power of a well crafted problem presented to a large mass of people.

The promise of this leads one to onder the application of a well crafted problem and the massess to all the problems in bioligy, physics, politics, finiance and any other field or problem of profound importance.

Riots coming (thank god!)

As the late great George Carlin has said.  The only thing that bring aboutthe changes needed is “blood in the streets”.  the sooner we get there and through the changes that need to be made the better.  the divide has grown too vast between the the crooks and the sheep.  the sheep are gathering in NYC right now.  The mayor of NYC Bloomberg: Jobless, poor likely to riot – Apperently has gathered info brain cells to figure this out.  what we need is for the sheep in all other Americian cities to wake up from their NWO induced trance and go on a pot banging or similar effort as those in Argentia did in years past.

Hmm.  those makeshift kitchens could cause those palaces of money theft to catch fire…..

We are about to see if we have the right to peacefully assemble!

The days of the big American sedan are over. With the end of the crown vic and the Town Car the MKT a crossover will be the offered auto for the limo market. The MKT has the width of a full size sedan and almost the length but the styling is certainly something between a minivan and a station wagon.

The cops will be left without their favorite boat.

Ford retires Crown Victoria –

If you only knew back then…

What you think you know now.  But the question still remains, do you know what you think you know? When should you have fled the market? When should have you bought gold? Should you have ever had any money in the bank or a retirement account?

Below is a chart that shows the gains and losses one would have made by moving in and out of the S&P index and the CRB index that is tied to physical commodities.   It appears that the cycle is 17 years on average. Yet the “business cycle”  is often said to be a 8 year cycle.

The CRB index is comprised of 19 commodities: Aluminum, Cocoa, Coffee, Copper, Corn, Cotton, Crude Oil, Gold, Heating Oil, Lean Hogs, Live Cattle, Natural Gas, Nickel, Orange Juice, Silver, Soybeans, Sugar, Unleaded Gas and Wheat.

via Thomson Reuters | Thomson Reuters Commodity Indices | Financial.

Old Blood Plasma Impairs Young Brains 

Chemical signals in aged blood that can dampen the growth of new brain cells, suggesting that the decline in brain function with age could be caused in part by blood-borne factors rather than an intrinsic failure of brain cells.  By comparing more than 60 chemokines—chemical messengers secreted by cells that circulate in the blood—the researchers identified several associated with the detrimental effect of old blood. Administering one of these chemicals, called CCL11, to young mice dampened neurogenesis and impaired learning and memory. CCL11 has been studied for its role in allergies and asthma, but it’s not clear how it influences neurons.

NOW…  While the above is very interesting how they did the test was just as interesting to the Supreme Pundit:

The researchers studied pairs of old and young mice that were literally joined at the hip. They used a technique called parabiosis, in which two mice are surgically joined together along the flank, which causes them to develop a shared circulatory system.  Then after they noticed the rejuvenating effect on the older mouse and the crippling effect on the younger one they injected, in separate experiments, young mice with plasma from older mice and vice versa, and found that old plasma impaired the younger animals’ ability to perform learning and memory tasks, whereas young plasma improved the abilities of older mice.

If this is true we are all going to be buying plasma from the youngsters … I VANT TO SUK YOR BLOOD little one…

If you are still with me and interested the specifics are in the Journal Nature for those with a pricy subscription or via Old Blood Impairs Young Brains  – Technology Review.

Have we advanced in ethics in goverment?

There is a stark contrast between how the U.S. Public Health Service scientists experimented with Americans and Guatemalans back in the 1940’s and that clearly shows those researchers knew their conduct was unethical, according to members of the Presidential Commission for the Study of Bioethical Issues, which is investigating the experiments.

The U.S. government researchers who purposely infected unwitting subjects with sexually transmitted diseases in Guatemala in the 1940s had obtained consent a few years earlier before conducting similar experiments in Indiana, investigators reported Aug. 29 2011.

“These researchers knew these were unethical experiments, and they conducted them anyway,” said Raju Kucherlapati of Harvard Medical School, a commission member. “That is what is reprehensible.”

At least 5,500 prisoners, mental patients, soldiers and children were drafted into the experiments, including in excess of 1,300 who were exposed to the sexually transmitted diseases syphilis, gonorrhea and chancroid, the commission reported.

More than 83 subjects died, although the commission could not determine how many of the deaths were directly caused by the experiments, they said.

“This is a dark chapter in our history. It is important to shine the light of day on it. We owe it to the people of Guatemala who were experimented on, and we owe it to ourselves to recognize what a dark chapter it was,” said Amy Gutmann of the University of Pennsylvania, the commission’s chairwoman.

The revelations came on the opening day of a two-day hearing the commission convened to review the findings of its investigation. President Obama ordered the probe when the experiments were revealed in October. Investigators reviewed more than 125,000 documents from public and private archives around the country and conducted a fact-finding trip to the Central American nation.

The Guatemalan government is conducting its own investigation since experiments were approved by some of the Guatemalan officials at the time.

“Actually cruel and inhuman conduct took place,” said Anita L. Allen of the University of Pennsylvania. “These are very grave human rights violations.”

In one case reported during Monday’s two-hour hearing, human rights violations does not come close to describe the actual actions against a woman who was infected with syphilis and was clearly dying from the disease. Instead of treating her, the researchers poured gonorrhea-infected pus into her eyes and orifices and infected her again with syphilis. She died six months later.

All of this was justified at the time in the name of protecting our troops while they frequented bordellos for sexual pleasure. The ultimate goal of the Guatemalan research was to determine whether taking penicillin after sex would protect against syphilis, gonorrhea and chancroid. The question was a medical priority at the time, especially in the military. The U.S. Military was concerned that the troops would be rendered useless through sexual relations.

The Guatemalan experiments, carried out between 1946 and 1948, aimed to find a reliable way of infecting subjects for future studies.

The research included infecting prisoners by bringing them prostitutes who were either already carrying the diseases or were purposely infected by the researchers.

Doctors also poured bacteria onto wounds they had opened with needles on prisoners’ penises, faces and arms. In some cases, infectious material was injected into their spines, the commission reported.

The researchers conducted similar experiments on soldiers in an army barracks and on men and women in the National Mental Health Hospital. The researchers took blood samples from children at the National Orphanage, although there is no evidence that they purposely infected them.

In the studies conducted in Indiana, researchers exposed 241 inmates in Terre Haute to gonorrhea in 1943 and 1944. But there, the researchers explained the experiments in advance in detail and experimented only on the prisoners who volunteered. In contrast, many of the same researchers who began experimenting on Guatemalans a few years later actively hid what they were doing and never tried to obtain permission, the commission found.

About 700 of the Guatemalan subjects were treated for the sexually transmitted diseases, but it remains unclear whether they were treated adequately or what became of them. Gonorrhea can cause a variety of complications, including infertility. Chancroid can cause painful ulcers. Syphilis can cause blindness, major organ damage, paralysis, dementia and death.

Susan M. Reverby, a historian at Wellesley College in Massachusetts, discovered the Guatemalan experiments while doing research for a book on the infamous Tuskegee studies in Alabama. Reverby found papers from John C. Cutler, a doctor with the federal government’s Public Health Service. Cutler had participated in the Tuskegee experiment, in which hundreds of African American men with late-stage syphilis were left untreated to study the disease between 1932 and 1972. Cutler died in 2003.

After sending Obama a report in September, the commission will meet again in November to discuss whether current protections are adequate for research subjects internationally and in the United States and will issue a final report in December.