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The mitochondrial markers for aging (defects) were most strongly associated with previous use of NRTIs such as Retrovir (zidovudine), Zerit (stavudine) and Videx (didanosine) in a study of aids patients.

AIDSmeds – Top Stories : Older HIV Drugs Accelerated Aging Effects in Muscle Cells.

First we find out that there is not any monitoring of radioactive fallout that is worth a damn then we find out that the water goes directly from open air ponds to our taps in our homes. (complete with dead animals)

Big Brother is just watching you not watching out for you.

Guy Pees In Reservoir, City Flips Out, Drains 8 Million Gallons | :: the latest in green gossip.

5 Days Notice on City Killer Asteroid

That’s right.  They are all downplaying the size and danger of an asteroid called 2011 MD.

It is officially a PHA or potentially hazardous asteroid and will come so close that it will sail in under our geosynchronous satellites.  It was only spotted 5 days prior to potential impact or fly by and is thought to be of the size that would break up in the upper atmosphere.  It is estimated to be between the size of a bus and of a house.  Thank god it is going to skim the earth in the area of Antarctica.  The difference between a fly-by and a impact or entry can be measured in hours considering that the earth is moving at 66 thousand miles an hour along it’s orbital path around the sun and the asteroid will come within 7,600 miles of the surface.

Five days notice and then only when it was determined that it would fly by instead of hit.

Stock up.