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Oral Sex Leads to Cancer

Licking a girl can kill you.  HPV will spread to men more easily via oral sex than spread to a woman from oral sex with a man.  HPV can cause oral cancer, neck, cancer and other cancers in the head.  (The one on your shoulders fool)

I suppose kissing lesbos or bi-chicks is not a good idea either.

So how about some 68?  You do me and I will owe you one!

Or is this just controversial use of the HPV vaccine being pushed again likely by some stockholders or soon to be stockholders.

via Session: Oral Sex Is Sex and Can Lead to Cancer (2011 AAAS Annual Meeting (17-21 February 2011)).

Yet another story that hints that there is something behind and to the crash in New Mexico nearly a century ago.  If these creatures actually exist as purported in the book then why are they not declassified at this point?

Area 51 ‘Uncensored’: Was It UFOs Or The USSR? : NPR.

Additionally Annie Jacobsen goes so far as to break from the third person and will only write as nonfiction what she was told further distancing herself from the story.  Why?

Put that kindle down and go read an actual book.  Something you can hand to someone else.  Something that can be re-read 50 years from now.

Well Amy Bloom has a few tidbits that at least do not have a cutting stinging sensation when read.  They boil down to this for me.

No relationship can get better than when it starts.

No one ever changes for the better.

A woman’s expectations cannot be met by most men.

Hmmm. Hard to argue with that.

10 Truths I Wish I’d Known Sooner | Real Simple.

That’s a fact. Jack! and Frank, and Bill, and Joe.

Cancer in your throat can kill you quick.

I lost a friend of mine to this shit.

So take care of who’s other lips you kiss…

And if your throat is sore

Get it checked after you read this!

HPV vaccine for boys? – KFOR.