Hell your not kinky at all, and once your read  “A Billion Wicked Thoughts,” co-authored with Sai Gaddam and Ogi Ogas you may get even more bold in your desires and actually act on them.

What you don’t know is who is currently tracking that you are a member of your church and that you are addicted to porn.

The author of this article referenced below claims that sex therapists were the only people that really knew what we were up  to and what was kinky but later reveals that the sex therapists are the most surprised by the findings of the book.

It is interesting that some femi-nazi comments below the article and Sai Gaddam has to come back and correct her.  Stupid bitch.

She says “this study”  She did not read the study or the book that was a result of it.  She does not know shit yet starts blasting men and ranting about how great women are.  Typical American Princess!

I post it here due to the propensity of sites to “edit” out comments not to their liking.

Rachel Williams

Actually, this study shows that men are all sexual deviants as it ignores women’s sexuality all together. It only mentions women to say that straight women consume porn for the romance and emotion, that they don’t care about the sex as they don’t need visual stimulation, while in reality, many women enjoy porn for exactly that (for the sex). They also fail to include lesbian sexuality.
To call this the World’s Largest Experiment About Human Desire is presumptuous at best as a study of human desire would have included both sexes of the human race instead of just one.

Sai Gaddam
Hi, Rachel:
We devote equal attention to female sexuality in the book. The author of this particular article simply chose to focus on male sexuality.

You’re not as kinky as you think – NYPOST.com.