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Frank Buckles, the last surviving U.S. veteran of World War I, died Sunday at 110.  A family spokesman said Buckles died peacefully at his farm near Charles Town, W.Va.

Frank also served in WWII and was captured and imprisoned for 3 years in service to all of us in the USA.

His family asks that donations be made to the National World War I Legacy Project to honor Frank Buckles and the 4,734,991 Americans that he served with during World War I.

Details can be found at:

via Last U.S. WWI veteran dies | Richmond Times-Dispatch.

Plague Death from weakened bacterium

This just falls into the bin of: see if all the other people did not die from some toxin / drug / NWO experiment then a particular person could not have possibly died from it.    But here we are being fed just the opposite line of BS that there is no danger from a bacterium because only this and guy and 0.25% of the population could have died from it.  And this from Bloomberg.  Just think a NWO bankster owned rag prepping us for what?  The Plague?

Plague Death Came Within Hours, Spurred by Scientist’s Medical Condition – Bloomberg.

Someone actually spent the time and likely your money to determine the obvious again.  Pussy cats control women.  They are aloof, cuddly, cute and make no real demands whatsoever.  The perfect mate for any woman except they do not pay the bills.  For that a woman needs to manipulate and control a more simple mind such as that of a man.

Yep, show some boobs, make some false promises, tease and retire at 27.

Oh don’t worry that nearly all cat owners have contracted a brain parasite from cats that makes them love cats and ignore the smell of their piss.

Cats Adore, Manipulate Women : Discovery News.

Changing the password for your Outlook account on a Microsoft exchange server sends the iPhone 4 and the iPad into a tizzy of requests to the email server and can drain the iPhone battery in only a few hours.  Changing the password on the iPhone in any way does not correct the problem.  Only wiping (deleting) the entire business account and all of the data and re-installing it will fix the battery drain.  One sure way to tell if this is the cause of a iPhone short battery life is when an call is being made the background on the phone flickers or flutters.  This is due to the radio being taxed by both the call and the requests to contact the Microsoft exchange email server as many as 5 times a second.  Can I smell firmware update?  I can just as well as I can smell overheated iPhone 4 with short battery life.

Even with that said the iPhone is the best phone the Supreme Pundit has ever had.

Consumer Reports Confirms Verizon iPhone 4 Flaw.

Last year, a Buffalo city cop retired with a pension of $105,000 per year after making $189,000 in his final year on the job. If he lives another 20 years he’ll cost the taxpayers $2.1 million for not working. The union contract allowed employees with the most seniority to get first dibs on overtime; it also allowed them to calculate their pensions on the overtime-inflated salaries. NOT ON THEIR AVERAGE SALARIES!

Also last year the New York Post reported that some unionized janitors in New York City public schools earned over $140,000, including one who made $181,000.

via American Thinker: Why I Changed My Mind About Unions.

Well the Chinese have been warned.  You have the MSM that is going to keep you ignorant right up until you are starving.  Hey the Supreme Pundit has been warning about the 30 years of global cooling and the crop failures to come for over two years now.

Get with the program

Global review: A new global food crisis looms.

The freaking map loads so slowely on a hotel connection that just looking at it is a test to see if you have broadband or not!

Jump to it here

I am too lazy to write anything now so just see what this chap wrote.

Broadband Map – Technology – National Broadband Map.

Is the iPhone Evil?

What this guy doesn’t address is the great evil of the iPhone for new users.  Yes you can download many free apps and have a lot of function and fun with them.  You can fly over to Europe and get service (if you have the AT&T version).  You can turn on data roaming only for those few times that you are lost and need to use maps.  And you can return to a $900 phone bill because all those apps are still running in the background and pulling data off the net and you have not been told how to find out or turn them off.  Thanks Pricks!

A week with my Verizon iPhone: pros and cons.

Zinc for the common cold? Yes it works

As listed here by the Cochrane Collaboration zinc supplements can decrease the time of a cold by about one day out of the typical five day run.

The Supreme Pundit can see where zinc, D3, and deleting all animal protein can really shorten the illness.

Zinc for the common cold.

Ok Ladies lets get this look going everywhere!

All Of The Lights Video : Kanye West Releases All Of The Lights Video Picture 15 – Long Island Press.

Baldness = Prostate Cancer ?

If the guy is bald too early it may.  So does Rogane stop prostate cancer?

Study Links Premature Baldness To Prostate Cancer Risk | SmartAboutHealth.Net.

Oh you may still forget things but you have a chance to be the US memory champ in only one year.

Secrets of a Mind-Gamer –

That’s right you put all your faith and money in the hands of the bankers and they orchestrated the perfect storm so they could fleece an entire generation out of their savings.

Oh no; that would be a conspiracy theory and we all know anyone that thinks that three or more people getting together to make up a plan and conspire to do something is only occurs in the fantasies of kooks.

Boomers Find 401(k) Plans Come Up Short –

What a judgmental title for an article.  What the hell happened to reporting the facts and keeping the editorial on the editorial page?  Typical “journalists”  bull crap.  Niki, Really are you gay, or against freedom of religion, or are you just for the state continuing to tell you what you can do with your own body or how you can interact with another adult in private?  Is anyone being harmed here?  Nope.  But the typical closet lesbian that wants to retire by conning some man into  supporting her while she tribs with her girlfriends then feigns a headache when he gets home is completely against him being able to find release at the local temple.

That’s right someone has figured out how to operate a massage parlor with happy endings under the  freedom of religion statutes.

I am going to love it when this one goes to court.

You can read Niki’s drivel here:

Phoenix Goddess Temple’s “Sacred Sexuality” Is More Like New Age Prostitution – Page 1 – News – Phoenix – Phoenix New Times.

Another Governor with Balls! His excellent euphemism is being “bold”.  But we all know that Governor Scott Walker is no ass kissing political tool.  That’s right you pension spiking, doughnut eating, shovel holding, slacker teachers, cops, and the like.  The gravy train is over.

Wisconsin Governor Seizes Chance To Take On Unions : NPR.

Growth Hormone Deficiency May Extend Life

That’s right.  So be happy that you are not doing HGH as a body builder would to get buff.

DailyTech – Growth Hormone Deficiency May Prevent Diabetes, Cancer.

Little people live longer than big people

But now there is a twinkling of understanding as to why.  It has to do with how the body reacts to human growth hormone.

Remote villagers in Ecuador may hold secret to longevity | | The Bulletin.

But the study also finds that all those tax payers will just go home and watch TV and not do a damn thing about it.

The politicians bought the votes and support from the Fire, Police, Teacher, Trash, and road crew unions with your kids tax dollars.

via Tim Rutten: A tipping point for organized labor in America –

FBI: 100 Percent Chance of WMD Attack

Yep thats what Dr. Vahid Majidi, the FBI’s assistant director in charge of the FBI’s Weapons of Mass Destruction Directorate says.

Typical government worker.  Admit failure before you even try.  Then they can say “told you so”.

FBI: 100 Percent Chance of WMD Attack.

This jump provides an excellent article summarizing the knowledge on these chemicals and hormones and how they affect your sleep.  Insomnia is a rough partner.  If you are at least smart enough to stop drinking caffeine after 3:00 pm you may also benefit from reading this:

Bioclinic Naturals | Article | Insomnia and Sleep/Wake Cycle Disorders.

Baldness, Alopecia Reversed… No Kidding

Researchers Accidentally Reverse Baldness, Alopecia in Mice

Treatment Restored Hair in Mice, but is Far From Ready for Human Hair Loss

Read the article and view the video on the jump

via Baldness, Alopecia Reversed… in Mice – ABC News.