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Well if we all stop buying crap from China at Walmart we can get our jobs back.

Hows that price rollback helping you today?

Bernanke Worries Slow Economy Limiting Job Growth – ABC News.

The poor countries are still trying to steal from the rich ones with this absolute lie that has been exposed.

Man made global warming is a media lie.

Call for concessions at climate conference.

The impact will be swift: The Labor Department estimates:

635,000 would be cut off the week that ends Dec. 11

1.6 million by Christmas

1.98 million people would lose all benefits by Jan. 1.

3.29 million by Jan. 29.

300 million people in the US and the number of food stamp recipients is already at 42.4 million, a record-high.

via Millions of Americans face loss of unemployment benefits – San Jose Mercury News.

Hey they all still died on schedule but they looked like young swingers on their way out.

Hey this sounds good to me. If i can live to 100 with the same health I had at 30 I may lighten up on my quest for 120. Well maybe not. How about 120 living like a 19 year old?

Access : Telomerase reactivation reverses tissue degeneration in aged telomerase-deficient mice : Nature.

Well the headline and the post just below say it all. If these fools actually got paid by the headcount of the criminals they catch they would starve. They should just stay in civil service and live all fat and happy on your income that they steal via taxes……

WikiLeaks cables: US espionage law | World news | The Guardian.

Banning books, and now any source of information is the domain of tyrants.  Welcome to the New World Order.  Just sit in front of the TV that programs your mind and shut up.

US Government seizure of the internet has begun; DHS takes over 76 websites.