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Another poorly done piece of work exaggerated by the MSM and used to scare folks.  This is more of the tactics used to try to usher in Codex Alimentarius which will basically outlaw all supplements.

A journalist at LA times wrote an article giving  people the impression that taking calcium supplements raises their likely hood of having a heart attack by 31%

Go ahead and read it

Calcium study: Heart disease risk with calcium supplements –

So let’s take a look at the 31% increase and what it means:

Out of 11,921 participants,

143 had a myocardial infarction that were taking calcium

111 had a myocardial infarction that NOT were taking calcium

BUT.. the journalist at LA times wrote the article to give people the impression that taking calcium supplements raises their likelihood of having a heart attack by 31%

“in the journal BMJ that they found a 31% increase in the risk of heart attack”

MOST people reading that line get the impression that if you take calcium supplements you have a 31% chance of having a heart attack.

Did you?

Yes the difference between 143 and 111 is a factor of 1.31 or 31%


lets look at the numbers from the “study”:

Heart attack with NO calcium supplement  = 111 / 11,921 = 0.009311299 OR   0.93%

Heart attack with calcium supplement         = 143 / 11,921 = 0.01199563 OR      1.19%

So taking “Calcium supplements (without co-administered vitamin D)” changes the risk of heart attack from 0.93% to 1.19%

They conveniently omitted any study that included vitamin D with the calcium.  Why?  Who funded the study? The journalist at LA times only tells the readers half of the information.  Why?

The BMJ article is HERE

Why? Well a story that reads


Just does not sell newspapers.  Wake up.

How a femi-nazi thinks men are mistreated through sexisim.  This is the most laughable misguided bullshit I have read in a long time.  Any student of misandry needs to refer to this as an example of how far off the mark those in this camp can be.

Let’s start with 50% of marital assets OR alimony. Not both.  Alimony was invented to maintain the woman’s life after she left all of the assets behind in the divorce.  EVERYTHING about marriage and divorce is sexist and misandric.

If the fem-nazis wanted equality they would start with making divorce and marriage EQUAL.

5 Stupid, Unfair and Sexist Things Expected of Men | Reproductive Justice | AlterNet.

Cop accidentally tasered Cox in the groin

Yea right! Accidentally. Like I accidentally shot that old woman.  The constant downplay of the seriousness of having 50.000 volts shot through your body is akin to saying Oh that kicking in the balls is a temporary discomfort so no worries.

Man accidentally tasered in the groin by police |

Now that Veritas would go nicely with this pad

Rowan Atkinson angers neighbours over space age house plans |

Salon Privé 2010 pictures |

Salon Privé 2010 pictures |

So just what is protected speech?  What is a journalist?  What is news vs. comentary?

IREX | World Press Freedom Day: Freedom of Information.

Another loving mama.  Makes one wonder why she brought them to term.

French mother confesses to killing eight babies – Europe, World – The Independent.

The end of For Unlawful Carnal Knoweldge

Yep people been using the F word for a long F@#$ing time.

Non sunt in celi
quia fuccant uuiuys of heli

Online Etymology Dictionary.

City of Vista Civic Center

Goverment Wasting Money

Citizens sit in rain while public servants lounge in palace

What ostentatious masturbation with public funds looks like. Check out that right across the street from this palace for public servants is two tax paying citizens sitting on the ground waiting for a bus. Shameful. Just Shameful. Oh no; the public servants could not possibly have settled for a more modest palace to practice their self gratification and built a bus stop for those that they refuse to actually serve. Well it is Vista. And this goes to prove that the citizens are completely bamboozled or just plain ignorant or apathetic.  

City of Vista Civic Center, Building, Civic Center California.

Gold Coins to be tracked and taxed!

Well not just gold coins but any investment vehicle that people use to keep their finances out of the system.  It looks like ANYTHING that people use to accumulate wealth will be tracked and taxed.

This is the end of privacy.  Just chip us all like dogs now and get it over with.

Gold Coin Dealers Decry New Tax Law – ABC News.

Yep, that is the way it is.

Brutality, intimidation, entitlement, huge paychecks, and being able to lie in court without question.

That was right up until we all started carrying little video cameras in our pockets…….

Read the book Brotherhood of Corruption.

Videotaping Police Is Often Cause for Arrest – ABC News.


Rights you say?  Google Japanese Americans 1942 sparky!

Liberals want you to have guns

Either that or they are hypocrites.  The link below is to one of the best worded essays on the right to bear arms I have ever read.  So read it.  Then send it or it’s link to everyone you know.

The militia of the United States consists of all able-bodied males at least 17 years of age and, except as provided in section 313 of title 32, under 45 years of age who are, or who have made a declaration of intention to become, citizens of the United States Check it out HERE

via Daily Kos: State of the Nation.

Well Written Angry Mouse!

Skin Tanning Creams Racist!

Well they must be if skin lightening creams are Racist. Right?

If changing the color of your skin in any way is Racist then are not all women that use foundation or makeup racist?

And hair dyes.  Bleaching your hair blond is racist!

Oh.  I’m sorry only white people can be racist.   I will just go on with my day now….

Vaseline skin-lightening app stirs debate –

Every new law sounds like a great idea if the press can vilify someone or something enough that we need to make a law against it.    ..   Watch out for that word “malicious”
Some Yahoo is now advising the world that we all need to be on the lookout for parents that give their kids some cold medicine when they were not REALLY sick.
That’s right next time your kid doesn’t want to take their crappy tasting medicine they just need to tell their teacher that they did not feel sick and you were making them take the yucky stuff!
This Yahoo, Dr. Yin, wants pediatricians and emergency medical personnel to be on the watch for this form of maltreatment, and suggests the use of comprehensive drug screening during the evaluation of a child suspected to be the victim of abuse.
Oh my god I can see where this is going.

“Susie did your parents EVER give you some yucky medicine when you did not need it?”
“Ok Susie thank you for your honesty, we now need to take these 7 vials of blood and locks of your hair to determine if you have ever been given any drugs when you did not need it.”

Dr. Yin also cautions parents that the “non-therapeutic administration of pharmaceuticals to children can result in serious outcomes, including death.”  To Dr. Yin, “The malicious administration of pharmaceuticals should be considered an important form of child abuse.”
Cops in Arizona cannot ask a guy with a backpack, water bottle, and three days of dirt on him that is standing 20 feet from the US / Mexico border if he is a citizen or not…
…. but emergency room personnel, cops, and teachers will start to ask your kids if you EVER gave them some medicine WHEN THE KID thinks he did not need it.
Then CPS rolls in, takes (Kidnaps) your child, then places them on Ritalin because the kids teacher wants them on it.

For 31 bucks you can read it yourself HERE

Can anyone provide a link to a free version?

An unknown government agency through an unknown process just shut down 73,000 outlets of free speech by having a web hosting company shut down one of it’s servers that they were all on and hosted from.  The web host is not talking, the “government agency” is not talking,  the owners of the news outlets have no one to go to to have their web sites reinstated.  Silence.

Why Web host shut down 73,000 blogs a mystery | Media Maverick – CNET News.

Like the late great George Carlin would say; If you think you have rights just search on Japanese Americans 1942 and see.

Well the ladies have always used finger length to predict other things…..

They may have known something all along.

Damm! My ring finger is nearly the longest finger on my hand.

A long ring finger may mean you’re a prostate cancer risk | Mail Online.

We go from the war on drugs to the war for drugs…

Everybody knows that Marin County is the capitol of cannabis production.  Thus that is where the tax revenue and jobs for production were likely to go.  But Oakland of all places is making a grab for that revenue.  The war on drugs has changed to the war for drugs.

Oakland approves ordinance to permit industrial marijuana production –

Woman calls cops in fear of prowler

Friend #1 comes over to protect woman until police arrive

Police arrive and friend #1 goes home

Police demand to know information about friend #1

Woman does not supply information

Woman gets cuffed, pepper sprayed, and tasered 4 times until another friend #2 of hers (a Sheriff ) comes and puts a stop to it.

Now we all know that if the second friend was not a sheriff he would have been tasered and this entire incident would have been written up so that they were all guilty.  Don’t we?

2 officers out of jobs in wake of repeated Tasering of woman  |

Be very careful of what hospital you go to for treatment.  As it appears that “Electroshock” for compliance is on the rise.  I guess the nursing shortage is really in full swing as they will let any fool determine it is time for your tasering unless you fully comply with all of her whims.

“The Bangor City Council voted last August to buy a single Taser gun for police officers to use in the ER on difficult patients,”


Taser use against unruly patients at hospitals on the rise – FierceHealthcare.

Ya just have to love a site called FierceHealthcare!

The fools in the ER now tell me I cannot use my cell phone because of the sensitive electronic equipment.  What about 50,000 volts on 20 foot bare wires being flung around the ER?

And next time you think you are well enough to get up and leave the hospital you better get full approval of ALL of the staff.  Least you get a little more treatment…..

Officer Tasers Man Trying To Leave E.R. – Jacksonville News Story – WJXT Jacksonville.

Yep some nurse determined he was not well enough to drive.  APPARENTLY HE WAS WELL ENOUGH TO HAVE 50,000 VOLTS SHOT THROUGH HIS BODY!

I can see it now.  Little 8 year old Susie fusses with Nurse B and she gets tasered into submission.  It’s gonna happen.  Yes it is.

Oh don’t think so.  What about the 86 year old grandmother with her grandson at her side and on oxygen.  She got tasered with 50,000 volts because she “took a more aggressive posture in her bed”.  Hey I am not making this stuff up.  look here

Newsvine – Disabled 86 yr Old Granny Tasered & Deprived of Oxygen by Police.

Burn or Bulldoze? Boarded up Foreclosures

A gent the other day suggested that to keep up housing values in his neighborhood they needed to bulldoze all the houses held by the banksters that are not being taken care of. I thought that was an interesting idea considering the banksters got us into this mess.  Many cities are doing just that.  Like Milwaukee and many others. Fire departments are often looking for structures to use for training as well.  The new term on the scene is OVV.  Yep another TLA (Three Letter Acronym)  it stands for Open, Vacant and Vandalized.

I like the term vacant Lot.  As a kid the vacant lot on the street was always the gathering spot for all activities and adventures.  Everyone started out within earshot of their own house and it was neutral turf.  Now everyone is packed in like cattle (slaves?) and there may be a park a few blocks away.

I am all for the banks getting the shaft while we all get a little green field on each block and our property values don’t get decimated in the process.


OVV of course follows the other new term REO for Real Estate Owned.  But REO is not really descriptive unless you are working in a bank.  It then describes the fact the the vile institution you are working for owns that property.  Quite a few Real Estate Agents are too dumb to list these as bank owned so they list them or describe them as REO.  Well of course the real estate is owned!  Damm fools.  Bank Owned.  BO fools.


What no TASER?  Com’on the cops actually had to touch her?

Ya’know at our local grammar school to keep these kids from attending the end of year party they instituted a special year end (two weeks) zero tolerance for any indiscretion of behavior.   Even talking in line would result in barring the kid from the barbecue.  (Ohh you can bet the Supreme Pundit blasted those witches for their thinly veiled discrimination attempt!)

These educators decided to put the “special” girl in a “holding cell” with two (two dammit!) guards.  While every one of her classmates partied like it’s new years eve.

Then the “journalist” vilifies this little girl in her attempt to free herself from this kidnapping situation by parroting these criminal adults BS of  she was “Inappropriate touching”  them,  WTF!

I hope the girl did just what all little girls are supposed to do when being kidnapped by men (or anyone).  KICK THEM IN THE BALLS!  NOT ONCE BUT UNTIL THEY BARF AND CRY! Then run like hell.  (for the party)

What if this was your little girl?  What if it was your sister? These public dole buffoons do this crap every day and only when it gets to this level do you even get a whiff of what they are up to.

When someone in private industry COMPLETELY BLOWS IT WITH A CUSTOMER THEY ARE FIRED.  Not allowed to continue to a cozy retirement with a pension worth over 2.5 million dollars in an equivalent IRA or 401k type plan!

Well all the decision makers are in public employee unions and protected by free legal representation so they don’t give a F!

Not one of them will lose their jobs over this.

Remember by not putting an end to this you are supporting it.

Evelyn Towry, 8-Year-Old Autistic Girl, Arrested and Handcuffed for Throwing Tantrum – Seattle News – The Daily Weekly.

Oh don’t forget that anyone applying to be a police officer that scores high on an IQ test can be barred from employment by decision of the SCOTUS!  I guess they become teachers instead! One thing always leads to another…..

If this crap happened in someones home the CPS would show up and “rescue” the girl from a hostile environment.

Robo-Doctors Making House Calls Soon?

An excellent Physician and Surgeon of mine that befriended me many years ago confided in me that 95% of what he deals with are 12 or so conditions and he prescribes only 9 or so drugs to treat nearly all of them.

With this in mind; there are some telemedicine sites operating that the Supreme Pundit has personally used and they are quite good.  At these sites the patient describes their symptoms to the form fields and the prescription drug to treat it is delivered to you.

Sounds simple right?

Interestingly enough many in the FDA and the medical field are attacking these sites as online pharmacies operating in a dubious manner.

But these attacks are in contrast to the entire field of Computer-Aided Diagnosis that is taking off like wildfire elsewhere in the world.

The AARP site has a watered down tool that is a nice example HERE

Or what could be the same tool here at HealthLine

Here is a paper on the subject: v4-3-26.pdf (application/pdf Object).

And another Here


So you want to reform health care?  Stop making me visit my doctor, argue, have lab work done, wait, then finally get some tamiflu to treat my symptoms that are identical to the other 29,000 people in my city when there is an epidemic!

Everything exists now to basically eliminate 90% of the cost of 80% of the medical treatment people seek out their doctor for right now. I don’t see it happening in the USA soon but a country that gives a dam about its people and the cost of medical care may be able to put this in action since they are bitching that they need more doctors.   CANOOKS, YOU NEED TO AUTOMATE THE MEDICAL DIAGNOSIS PROCESS AND GET RID OF MOST OF THE DOCTORS.


Where is all the money going?  Is it all going back into derivatives?  Will this be the final “taking” of the last of the middle class wealth?  Are we looking at another false flag event?  If we are just watch what gets put into law while all the fools pay attention to the diversion.

Out of his butt and into hers…. WTF?

She has been sick for years and all she had to do was swap poop with her husband!

Of course the doctors turned it into a “procedure”.   (Ahh yes, procedures, the mad money of the medical profession.)

Among the health nuts this is part of the field called probiotics and has been going on for a long time and being slandered and laughed at by “modern medicine” but apparently when they get involved it must involve some kind of procedure that they can charge for.

This just again goes to support that being too clean damages your immune system.  That old slur of “eat shit and die” might have had it all backwards.  Literally.

It was not too long ago that “medicine” finally figured out that the appendix was in fact a very useful organ for this very same reason.  I can see it now.  When traveling to other countries to avoid getting diarrhea from drinking the water you just get a colonic of the local fecal bacteria.   It will be offered at all the high end resorts!

Hey you read it here first….

One thing always leads to another….

How Microbes Defend and Define Us –

No, Really, this is one you must watch

No, Really, this is one you must watch

Yes in the “fog” as it is called judgment gets clouded, and truths get stretched.  If anyone ever wonders why “religious fanatics” become “terrorists” or why some of our people are returning to the USA with mental issues they need to see this.  Remember you are only seeing it in flash format much of the detail is removed.

“No innocent civilians were killed on our part deliberately. We took great pains to prevent that. I know that two children were hurt, and we did everything we could to help them. I don’t know how the children were hurt.”  – Major Brent Cummings, executive officer 2-16, US Army (Washington Post)

“It’s their fault for bringing their kids into a battle”  (Gunner)

A battle?

“they had arrived, got out of the car and started taking pictures, and people gathered.”  Mr. Sahib said. “It looked like the American helicopters were firing against any gathering in the area, because when I got out of my car and started taking pictures, people gathered and an American helicopter fired a few rounds, but the hit houses nearby and we ran for cover” – AFP war photographer; Ahmad Sahib (New York Times)

The U.S. military claimed the victims died in a battle that took place between U.S. forces and insurgents.

“There is no question that coalition forces were clearly engaged in combat operations against a hostile force.” – Lieutenant – Colonel Scott Bleichwehl, spokesman for U.S. forces in Baghdad.  (New York Times)

Reuters demanded an investigation into the killings.   (Otherwise this is just another afternoon in the gunship.)

U.S. military authorities concluded that the actions of the soldiers and pilots involved were in accordance with the law of armed conflict and their rules of engagement.

I guess I do not understand the rules

“All ya gotta do is pick up a weapon” (gunner)

(That would have been his camera!)

Apparently shooting running unarmed civilians in the back can be done regardless of possession of weapons.

Possibly picking up bodies and weapons is also a reason to engage.

What would they have done if there was a RED CROSS painted on the roof of the minivan?

Collateral Murder.

It’s about Television not Information

No mention of how many scientific articles or encyclopedias could be stored and instantly available without an expensive internet connection.  NO it’s about how much TV / Porn / subliminal programming you can store and watch over and over again while the banksters continue to reduce you to complete slavery.

Japan’s Sharp to release triple-layer 100 GB Blu-ray disc.

“core”?  Oh they must mean all that crap we buy at wall-mart.  if it is not for food and heat what the hell is core?

So-called “core” consumer prices, which strip out volatile energy and food, rose 0.2 percent in June.

via Consumer prices dip for third straight month – Yahoo! News.

The Last Sony Product Sold in America

Yep it’s time folks.

Toyota hiding their f*&^ ups and selling crap

Sony Ericsson saying if your industry or company got hit by this depression then only the crappy people got laid off.

Want Ad: Unemployed Need Not Apply – Orlando Jobs News Story – WKMG Orlando.

What these people do not know is working for a Japanese company is similar to slavery.

Sony Ericsson, a global phone manufacturer that recently announced that it would be bringing 180 new jobs to the Buckhead, Ga. area, also recently posted an ad for a marketing position on The People Place. The add specified: “NO UNEMPLOYED CANDIDATES WILL BE CONSIDERED AT ALL.

Then they insult our intelligence with this crap:

” When asked about the ad, a spokeswoman said, “This was a mistake, and once it was noticed it was removed.”

NAFTA and other globalization crap only decimates working economy’s for the sake of underdeveloped ones and CEO’s pockets

Can folks just submit here each companys name that has such a practice?  Hey we can keep track and boycott them all.


Like the late GREAT George Carlin said: It ain’t gonna change until there is blood in the streets”.

“If we were to go out there tomorrow and fix the road we would not get a reimbursement,” he said

Progress is being made, Fiorenza said. A damage assessment form was sent Wednesday to the state department, and it could be signed next week by the federal highway group.

The damage assessment form will show whether Imperial County will have to get environmental reports done, which would extend the time line, he said. Without the environmental reports, the county could get authorization to go out to bid within a month, and the bidding process would take another 30 days.

“And that’s thinking positive,” he said

“Unfortunately it’s still a process we’re having to go through,” he said.

The hoops that the department is having to jump through are part of the process of getting reimbursements for the project, which is estimated to cost $435,477, Fiorenza said,

That’s right to hell with the public.    I guess they can not figure out how to put steel plates down, or fill with road base, or carve a bypass, or do anything but act like victims…..  Well it is Imperial County.

via Seeley’s Drew Road continues to be closed, has big impact on residents – Imperial Valley Press Online – Local News.

I just love the slant on this case the way it begins in the papers write up.  Now let’s “deconstruct it:

Saba said: “It was heart-wrenching. I felt like I was victimizing her again.”

“Last night, law enforcement took her away from the only family she knows,” he said. “We’re happy we did locate the child. But we all should remember this child has been a victim three times.”

No fool; she had no memory of the prior times she was a “victim”.  Only the time you kidnapped her. Hope your proud.

“That was her family in her mind,” Saba said Thursday during a news conference in Norwalk, adding that nothing was known about Amber’s biological parents, including their whereabouts.

Maxwell said Amber was victimized first by living in an unfit home, then by being kidnapped from her foster parents.

Amber’s footprint matched the one on file in Los Angeles County, Saba said. She was flown back to Southern California, where she was provided shelter by the county’s Department of Children and Family Services.

SP– Notice there is no mention that she was “kidnapped” by CPS from her biological parents — It’s all in the words we use to describe the action….. “That was the only family she ever knew”

These fucking goons “arrested / kidnapped / redacted a scared 7 year old girl from “the only family she ever knew” and put her in a “shelter” / jail.  They can not even find the real parents and the only biological family she had “aunts” served jail time trying to protect her from this completely f&#$ed up CPS / LAPD goon squad.

Yes CPS/LAPD/journalist Asshole I do have a better way to go about it.  About twenty of them.

Remember if someone scores too high on the IQ test the SCOTUS has ruled it is ok for a police department to deny them employment on the basis they are too smart for the job. (look it up SPARKY!) — SP

Now, go ahead and read how a journalist that needs to keep on the good side of the department feeds this bull shit to the public:

via Arizona family says it adopted girl abducted 7 years ago in Norwalk –

Oh God.  Now I guess I am going to have to dredge up the SCOTUS rulings where Police officers are not required to protect any citizen, uphold any law, or in any way do their job just to prove that this is really groundbreaking.  Can you imagine it?  This may be a first.

Arizona’s statute requires an officer to verify the immigration status of a person stopped for other alleged crimes, if “reasonable suspicion” exists of illegal presence in the U.S.

But the law also empowers Arizona residents to sue an officer they believe isn’t enforcing the law to the fullest extent.

“If he enforces the law, he can be sued. If he doesn’t enforce the law, he can be sued” by a private citizen, said Stephen Montoya, the attorney for Mr. Salgado. His client “is caught between a rock and a hard place,” he said.

via Arizona Immigration Law: Phoenix Cop David Salgado Sues Over Racial Profiling Concerns –

Synthetic Marijuana Spurs State Bans

Well there ya go. Now that Mary Jane is legal she is not cool anymore. Only those old farts with cancer do MaryJane.  Now I do not advocate any use or abuse of a substance or for that matter TV, Porn, Blogging, flogging, or whatever is keeping folks from living a productive life.


But. It cannot be taxed at a 85% rate like the other legal drugs and controlled by a favored few of the banksters so they need to start scaring people and villifying it so they can pass some laws and protect their little liquor/tobacco/pharmaceutical/method of extracting every last dime from those free range slaves (public) so they will keep working and forking over taxes to us and paying on those debts.


Synthetic Marijuana Spurs State Bans –

Why Older Women Have A Higher Sex Drive

It’s called pump me like a rag doll because I wasted my life teasing and withholding so I could manipulate men.  SP

ONLY in America … have you been to Sweden? Netherlands? well; anywhere else?

I just love this comment from one of the readers:

every month like clockwork for about 10 days before ovulation I’m daydreaming about sex, masturbating several times a day, looking at hot men on the internet and making arrangements with my most reliable “sex friend”. There’s truly no ulterior motive, just a body that’s screaming to get laid NOW. Thankfully it only lasts about 2 weeks a month and then I’m back to being able to concentrate on other things.

via Study: Why Older Women Have Higher Sex Drive – TIME.

Yea sorry guys we know you can never get back to concentrating on other things……  Well except those guys in Nevada.

Or France for that matter:  Here unless you can find a cougar that is “sexually industrious”.

CILTF? Cougars Is Like To F&^$

“Climategate” debunking is news?

Well I guess it would be if it came from someone other than friends, cronies, bitches, and wannabes of the group that is trying to sell these lies to the boob tube addicted farm animals that they continue to milk dry with taxes and “economic cycles”.

“Climategate” debunking is (or should be) major news – Joe Conason –

Actually one can see elsewhere that some MSM such as the NYT are now just edging into the territory of questioning if a published scientific “fact” is really a fact.

OMG I feel a “Warmest” rant coming on….

What? Has this guy never seen “The Absence of Malice”?

Hey, you only have to say you did not know any better and a paper can print anything it wants.

via The Washington Post joins the Tea Party – Media Criticism –

The Vatican’s new child sex guideline

Com’on don’t we all know that since the times of the shaman it was always the religious leaders responsibility to provide the “first experience”?  (look it up sparky)  It is still ritualized in many cultures to this day!

The Supreme Pundit still has sword wielding in-laws that protect these puppy pumpers and claims that none of this is true.

The Vatican’s new sex abuse guideline misstep – Catholicism –

“I can educate the ignorant but I cannot turn stupid people into smart ones”  The Supreme Pundit

But will he cover the mens fines?

It does not t sound like it.  Nope.  The men are still left with a fine that is 5 time higher if they ask their wife to cover her lovely orifices above the waist.  (There is no fine for asking a wife to cover her orifices below the waist.)

The burqa bailout – Broadsheet –

Yup   I am wearing my “veil”  every time I drive through any town that has traffic cams.  It is against my religion to pay lazy thieving local politicians and the British crown just because they can not manage with the money they already steal.

What?  Is it something in the water?

Subliminal messages on the TV?

What happened to:

FU{# YOU-  – Euro-bankster,

sandbags, lots of sandbags

a case of peanut butter and honey for sandwiches (both keep FOREVER)

com’on if these people do not have anywhere else to go I don’t understand why they just don’t stay.

Foreclosure-Related Suicide: Sign of the Times? – ABC News.

I remember walking down a street in Amsterdam and seeing a boarded up house that was three or four stories tall with one opening in the attic with a winch setup for hauling in food or such.  The house had signs on it defying the authorities to evict them and apparently this had been going on for some time.

The banks are not taking possession of houses until they put them on the market anymore and they are holding back on putting anything on the market to keep their profits up. (Can anyone say debeers diamond hoarding to prop up the market)

Just who do you think these banksters are Sparky?

I would expect these down on their luck folks to send the kids to summer camp or their sisters and give the system hell!  But I am at a loss when they do the banksters job FOR THEM.

I doubt the neighbors would mind at all.  Hell they don’t even report it when your popping off rounds now…

“A motorist reported hearing gunfire in the neighborhood Sunday night, but officers who responded were unable to find where the shots came from and left. From HERE

The cops don’t care they got folks they want to shoot just for fun anyway.

It’s everywhere even in sleepy little Houston.

Makes me wonder – what would it be like with a boarded up family living on every block?  People you know, kids that your kids play with.  Would you sneak over with dinner and TP in the dead of night?

The way I see it is:  All that dodged the draft got amnesty, a couple of waves of illegal immigrates got amnesty,  Hell anytime enough folks stand up they get amnesty.  It just takes a couple of thousand…….

A line from Shakespear’s play Henry lV reads: ” First thing we do, is kill all the lawyers. ”

We cannot find anywhere Shakespeare says “Then we burn all the banks”  but I think it’s in there somewhere.

Funny, now that I think of it I have not heard of any new drive through being made at banks by people returning their cars.  Hmmm gonna have to do a little investigation.

Sure forget the average guy lets put more money into the jack assess that F#({@d it all up in the first place.

“In the $615 trillion OTC derivatives market, the survey indicated that little change had occurred in the three months with respect to both standardized and customized trades, as well as in the level of disputes over pricing and collateralization.”

Just wait until those derivatives unravel.

via Banks Eased Credit to Hedge Funds, Private Equity – BusinessWeek.

Like anything is going to happen …

The Supreme Pundit has been following much of the fallout of Katrina but this one is one of the most interesting stories.

I can just hear it in my head …

“Wat we gonna do wif dem Frankie?”

“Dunno                Just shoot em I guess”

Six Officers Charged in Katrina Shootings –

Tyco Buys ADC @ $1.24B

And then there was one.  Well almost… As the industry consolidates will the last person working in telecom please turn out the lights?  Oh F#(& that was me.

3rd UPDATE: Tyco Electronics To Buy ADC For $1.24B In Cash –

I am sure that the layoffs will all be in the USA.  Oh big surprise….

Is Mel the King of the Rant?

No but he is funny when he is pissed.

He may hold back from capping off any of his tirades with his new trademark phrase, “but you will blow me first,”

Now why do they make that sound like a bad thing?

via Mad Mel Gibson unleashes third obscenity-laced rant (discretion advised).

F Word watch update

Oh the F word watch is going to go into hyperspace.  That’s right if it is not on the teleprompter it is fair game!

Just what the F&{#  is that Bob?

I don’t know Susan it looks like FU#&!n rain!

Well back to sports with Gerry.

FCC indecency rule: Court strikes down FCC indecency rule –

In contrast to the story over on CNN about nudes an prudes these folks in France will put you in prison now if you make your wife cover up her orifices (well just the ones above the waist).

It is still legal here in the USA and I recommend that EVERYONE wear a veil.

(Have you seen how well those traffic cam photos come out?)

So If a guy makes his wife wear a veil while she is sunbathing  in the nude on a beach he goes to prison?  WTF?

Well here is the source: France, veil: National Assembly approves ban on face veils –

European nudes and American prudes DUH!

Somehow this is news?


Look folks the NOW has made it a felony to look at a woman walking down the street so don’t get your hopes up that any of the nudity stuff is coming to the US any time soon.  The AP and NOW has drilled it into your wife’s head that if you look at a statue of a naked woman that you are somehow a porn addict and need counseling.  All the while that very same woman is reading steamy emotional porn and getting pissed at the hubby for not acting out those fantasies.  Face it sparky you are a panty wasted, wussy, Milquetoast, wanna be man.  Real men appreciate beautiful art that includes the female form and if some hag wants to make you feel guilty about that or make it against the law she is perfectly welcome to voice that opinion but if and when she and her femi-nazi drones want to infringe on my rights or on the rights of any warm blooded woman that wishes to expose herself (GOD BLESS HER) then that hag-femi-nazi  is going to be stomping on the Constitution, my god given rights, my opinion, the freedom of non-hag-femi-nazi women and all of the poor unborn babies that will be deprived of a wholesome upbringing where art and the human form are appreciated. So she can just go screw herself – Oh yea those hags do that anyway.. Like here Oh Well.


Ok you can read a less rant like story about it here: European nudes and American prudes –

Some of the medicinal uses of GHB include narcolepsy, depression, alcohol withdrawal, epilepsy, and anesthesia.

Historically, GHB was sold in health food stores until it was removed from the retail market by the FDA in 1991.

However, the Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act of 1994 (DSHEA) made possible the legal sale of GHB precursors, gamma-butyrolactone (GBL) and 1,4-butanediol. Once ingested, both GBL and 1,4 butanediol are converted enzymatically to GHB which can then exert its pharmacologic effects.

via GHB: An Important Pharmacologic and Clinical Update.

This paper reviews numerous findings concerned with the activity of fatty acids, especially α-linolenic/linoleic acid, particularly with their interaction with  neurochemical systems and their consequences for the changes in thermoregulation, learning, and other functions that accompany dietary manipulation of FA intake.

Linoleic acid is an essential fatty acid that must be consumed for proper health. A lack of linoleic acid and other omega-6 fatty acids in the diet causes dry hair, hair loss, and poor wound healing.

oil % linoleic acid
Safflower oil 78%
Grape seed oil 73%
Poppyseed oil 70%
Sunflower oil 68%
Hemp oil 60%
Corn oil 59%
Wheat germ oil 55%
Cottonseed oil 54%
Soybean oil 51%
Walnut oil 51%
Sesame oil 45%
Rice bran oil 39%
Pistachio oil 32.7%
Peanut oil 32%
Canola oil 21%
Chicken fat 18-23%
Egg yolk 16%
Linseed oil 15%
Lard 10%
Olive oil 10%
Palm oil 10%
Cocoa butter 3%
Macadamia oil 2%
Butter 2%
Coconut oil 2%

ps. This holds valuable insight for the treatment of children that are having difficulty with absorbing material that is taught to them.

via ScienceDirect – Peptides : Fatty Acids and Brain Peptides.

Yet many sites that will not cite the study they refer to (lazy) state that melatonin can constrict the cardiac arteries.

Abstract: The number of patients with well-controlled hypertension is alarmingly low worldwide and new approaches to treatment of increased blood pressure (BP) are being sought. Melatonin has a role in blood pressure regulation. The nighttime production of melatonin is found to be reduced in hypertensive individuals. Administration of melatonin decreased BP in several animal models of hypertension, in healthy men and women, and in patients with arterial hypertension. Most promising results were achieved in patients with non-dipping nighttime pressure, in which the circadian rhythm of BP variation is disturbed. Several potential mechanisms of BP reduction are considered. Melatonin can, via its scavenging and antioxidant nature, improve endothelial function with increased availability of nitric oxide exerting vasodilatory and hypotensive effects. Melatonin seems to interfere with peripheral and central autonomic system, with a subsequent decrease in the tone of the adrenergic system and an increase of the cholinergic system.

via Melatonin as a potential antihypertensive treatment. Fedor Simko. 2007; Journal of Pineal Research – Wiley InterScience.

insomnia vitamin regimen

Pantothenic acid (B5) is an effective part of a anti-insomnia vitamin regimen. It is good for relieving stress.

Inositol enhances REM sleep. Take 100 mg daily, at bedtime.

Chromium is often effective for someone with a blood sugar problem that is keeping them awake at nights.

Insomnia and Nutrition – Vitamins and Supplements

Deficiencies in certain vitamins, minerals, amino acids and enzymes may disrupt sleep.

Calcium, magnesium, B vitamins, folic acid and melatonin deficiencies may impair sleep.The following are specific nutritional supplements known to aid sleep:

Calcium, especially when contained in food, has a sedative effect on the body. A calcium deficiency in the body causes restlessness and wakefulness. For adults, a dose of approximately 600 milligrams of liquid calcium have been shown to have a relaxing effect.

Magnesium, in doses of approximately 250 milligrams, can help induce sleep. Magnesium deficiency is responsible for nervousness that prevents sleep.

Magnesium-rich foods include kelp, wheat bran, almonds, cashews, blackstrap molasses, and brewer’s yeast.Dosage: 1,000 mg daily.

If you are having your sleep disturbed by leg cramps it is important to know that the lack of calcium and magnesium can cause leg cramps during the night.

Calcium and magnesium produce soothing effects on the brain. They are essential for normal sleep.

Calcium and magnesium taken 45 minutes before bedtime have a tranquilizing effect. Use a 2:1 ratio, such as 500 mg of calcium and 250 mg of magnesium in tablet or capsule form.